Thuần chay hữu cơ: Giải pháp làm mát địa cầu   
Thuần chay hữu cơ: Giải pháp làm mát địa cầu  
According to the latest reports, more than 51% of the greenhouse gases that heat up the planet are from the animal industry. So if we stop it, the planet cools off by at least more than half.

By using all the world’s tillable land to cultivate organic vegetables and fruits instead, we eliminate a further 40% of the CO2.

Save US$32 trillion in climate mitigation costs.
Save millions of climate refugees each year.
Save lives lost through disasters.
Save many island nations from sinking.
Save oceans from acidification and dead zones.
Save glaciers, lakes and rivers from dying.
Save nations from desertification.
Save the lungs of the Earth from deforestation.
Save over 1 billion world citizens, including children, from hunger.

All that I am comes from you.
Every moment that I choose.
Good over bad, in your eyes...

Restore the health of the world’s citizens.
Save the planet for us and future generations.

You’re worth living for…

What are we waiting for?

Be Veg, Grow Green 2 Save the Planet!
- Supreme Master Ching Hai

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