ĐỊA CẦU: NGÔI NHÀ THÂN ÁI Giáo sư Saleem H.Ali: Những khuynh hướng xanh ở Pakistan và việc sử dụng bền vững nguồn tài nguyên của Địa Cầu (1/2)   
Nếu quý vị muốn kèm phim này vào diễn đàn hoặc trang mạng của quý vị, xin vui lòng bấm vào các địa chỉ mạng sau đây để sao chép mã nguồn  sao chép bản gốc  
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Halo, eco-friendly viewers, and welcome to Planet Earth: Our Loving Home. On this edition we speak with Professor Saleem H. Ali, a Pakistani-American scholar who is a professor of environmental studies at the University of Vermont, USA, regarding environmental protection in Pakistan, as well as the conservation of the Earth’s mineral resources.

Professor Ali has edited several important treatises on safeguarding the environment and recently authored 『Treasures of the Earth: Need, Greed, and a Sustainable Future,』 a book discussing how humanity can extract and use the precious gifts from the Earth, such as iron ore and gold, in a more environmentally
responsible manner.

The professor is known for his mediation skills and helping to resolve issues between various stakeholders when nature will be impacted by a development project.

Prof Ali(m): I also teach another class which is on environmental conflict resolution. And that’s more of a seminar class where I use some of the techniques I developed in my research and practice in resolving disputes between corporations and communities on environmental issues. So for example, the development of a new mine in some community or it could be the development of a new highway.

HOST: Professor Ali was born in the USA and moved to Pakistan when he was nine years old. He says his upbringing has provided him with a better understanding of the cultural differences between East and West, as well as given him a unique perspective in searching for solutions to environmental issues. While residing in Pakistan, he saw great progress in the nation’s environmental movement.

For more information on Professor Saleem H. Ali, please visit Professor Ali’s books are available at

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