Hollywood celebrities promote green lifestyle - 1 Jun2010  
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At the annual Green New Media & Life Expo, introducing a wide range of environmental and health-conscious businesses, many classic American film and television stars made appearances and cordially engaged with members of the public. Supreme Master Television was on location to find out how the stars have been adopting the green trend in their own lives.

Supreme Master TV : We’re at the Green New Life Expo. What's your favorite way to be green?

Eric Roberts – Oscar-nominated actor, brother of Julia Roberts (Heroes), Vegan (M): We recycle everything.

Johnny Whitaker – Actor (Family Affair) (M): I work at Tarzana Treatment Centers in Tarzana, and we started a whole new campaign on just simply putting our recyclables in the recycle bin instead of in the trash, and we've saved a whole lot just right there.

Leslie Easterbrook – Actress (Police Academy) (F): I drive a Prius and I just love it madly. It's the best car I've ever had, it's not only green. And also we have solar panels we put in on the hill behind us.

Lee Meriwether – Actress (Barnaby Jones, Batman (1966)) (F): Saving energy, preserving our precious gifts that we have.

VOICE: Apart from being green in their daily lives, some of the stars recognized the importance of a plant-based diet in an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Trina Parks – Actress (Diamonds Are Forever), Vegan (F): Well, I have definitely been that way for a long time; I’m vegan. And also what goes into your body comes out. And that's why I feel, so being green and being natural is always the best way.

Stephen Tobolowsky – Actor (Groundhog’s Day, Heroes) (M): I raise my own vegetables. We raise all of our herbs, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, lettuce. We eat everything from our garden.

Virgil Gibson – Former lead singer of The Platters, Meat-free advocate (M): I’m definitely for the vegan approach to life. You find out that most of your disease is in your meats.

Of course I don’t even drink the milk no more either. I like coconut milk and almond milk.

VOICE: Hats off, all the stars whose talents have enriched our world and are now helping to protect it and our health through your shining examples. May everyone choose the life-sustaining way of being veg and going green to save our planet!

Sandra Giles (F): Well, you are watching Supreme Master Television and so are we, and we are very excited and thrilled to always be a part of Supreme Master Television, we send our love.

Johnny Whitaker (M): Hi, this is Johnny Whitaker, and you are watching the Supreme Master Television.

Trina Parks, Vegan (F): My name is Trina Parks and I was the first African American bond girl/villain, my character was Thumper. And I am a strict vegetarian, strict vegan, and I just love that you have Supreme Master Television, because I am definitely going to watch it, because I agree with that.

Lee Meriwether (F): Hi, I am Lee Meriwether and you are watching Supreme Master TV.

Virgil Gibson, Meat-free advocate (M): You’re watching Supreme Master Television. My name is Virgil Gibson. Be veg, go green, save the planet.