Shining World Leadership Award and Thank You Letter: Promoting the Veg Solution from Where They are    
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A country that upholds the values of peace by abolishing its army…
A president who rescued thousands of refugees’ lives…
A former US vice president who brings the world’s attention to global warming…
A celebrity who advocates for human rights…
An animal lover who works tirelessly for the defenseless…
An international organization that provides humanitarian aid regardless of national boundaries…
A worldwide humanitarian agency that protects human life and alleviates suffering (Red Cross)
These are among some of the distinguished people, countries and organizations in our present day society that have made a positive difference on our planet through their noble actions.

For the purpose of recognizing these caring actions, and in response to the reports about many positive developments in the world, Supreme Master Ching Hai founded the Shining World Leadership Award in March 2006. The pure crystal award represents the shining noble ideals of the honored individuals, nations and organizations whose pioneering work and selfless dedication have significantly contributed to the harmony and beauty of our planet.

“Thank you for this award and most significantly, thank you for the work you’ve done and are doing, and are encouraging others to do to awaken humanity to its responsibility – to live a compassionate life and to do so in honoring the spirit in all beings.”

The founder of the Shining World Leadership Award, Supreme Master Ching Hai, is a world- renowned spiritual leader, humanitarian and artist, who herself has brought immense benefits to the world through her inspiring words and shining example. Supreme Master Ching Hai’s own selfless service and devotion to all beings have been highly lauded by world leaders and governments.

She also brings love around the world where there is hate. She brings hope where there is despair, and she brings understanding where there is misunderstanding. We don't have enough people like the Supreme Master. If we had somebody like her in every country in the world, we will have eternal peace, eternal love.

For decades, Supreme Master Ching Hai has exemplified unconditional love through her worldwide humanitarian work.

Love your family members wholeheartedly; sacrifice for them whenever necessary. And to other members of mankind just show your love universally, and help whoever needs your help. That is the way of love.

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s wisdom and compassion have been a source of inspiration for countless people worldwide. And she further encourages positive work through the Shining World Leadership Award. Thank you, Shining World Leaders!

Hsinchu City is nestled in the northwestern region of Formosa (Taiwan). Hsinchu, also known as Wind City, is a center for high tech industries and offers a high standard of living for its 400,000 residents. The people of Hsinchu have greatly benefited from wise environmental policies over the past few years through the leadership of Mayor Lin Junq-tzer from December 2005 to December 2009. Mayor Lin Junq-tzer had recognized that his city should do its part locally to help solve the global problem of climate change.

Global warming is accelerating, and for the first time in 70 years, Hsinchu City has hit the highest temperature in Formosa (Taiwan). We must act now to save the Earth, because global warming is accelerating and the greenhouse effect is rapidly intensifying.

Since 2008, Mayor Lin Junq-tzer of Hsinchu City had initiated a series of events promoting energy conservation and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Most importantly, the Hsinchu government was among the first in the world to lead an official public campaign to encourage people to adopt a more vegetarian lifestyle. In 2008, Mayor Lin called a press conference with the stated theme: “Fighting global warming through the vegetarian diet to save the Earth!”

I have deeply realized the benefit of vegetarian food. It is very healthy for the body. For the whole Earth, it can alleviate the burden on the energy it needs to produce.

Throughout the same year, Supreme Master Ching Hai had spoken frequently about this priority solution to global warming including in videoconferences in Formosa (Taiwan) to which she was invited as the honored guest. She especially called upon government leaders to use their tools to save the planet.

The thing is that people must be more aware of our dire situation and that everyone’s responsible action does help to minimize or stop global warming. So those who have power or can do should inform the public more intensively and more extensively.

So again the government and the media must help.

We are in very short of time now. We have a very, very urgent deadline for the planet to be saved. We should act fast. Be veg, first. And go green when technologically possible. Be veg first, now. Go green when possible. That’s all we have to do.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has been encouraging people to adopt a vegan diet and plant more trees and green plants. If we can all try our best to do these two things, it will be very helpful for sure. We should adopt the vegetarian diet, because raising animals for meat consumption causes serious pollution. Also, we should ride bikes to reduce air pollution. Too many motorbikes and cars have caused serious air pollution.

By now, every Hsinchu City dweller knows the benefits of a vegetarian and vegan diet, and many of them practice the lifestyle. The 13,000 children from the city’s nine primary schools enjoy one to two free plant-based lunches each week.

Furthermore, during on Earth Day event, Hsinchu Mayor Lin and Hsinchu County Magistrate Cheng Yung- chin joined hands with 1.18 million people, including President Ma Ying-jeou, to sign a petition pledging to reduce their meat consumption. The important connection between diet and climate was quickly being understood across the Formosan population – thanks to caring leaders like Mayor Lin Junq-tzer. It is no wonder that a poll ranked him as the #1 most popular mayor in Formosa for 2009.

For his pioneering leadership in promoting the Earth-saving veg diet, Supreme Master Ching Hai honored Mayor Lin Junq-tzer of Hsinchu City with the Shining World Leadership Award.

Next, he was presented with gifts, including Supreme Master Ching Hai’s #1 international bestseller, “The Noble Wilds.” The honorable Mr. Lin expressed his appreciation and renewed determination to help save the planet.

I’m very happy and I feel very honored to receive this prestigious award from Supreme Master Ching Hai. This award stands for “Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet,” which advocates a vegan diet. The Supreme Master realized long ago that the vegan diet can reduce animal slaughter and also keep our human body pure. Keeping the vegan diet is also a way to convey our love for the animals. Also, to reduce carbon emissions, we need to plant more trees.

In my two terms as the Mayor, the Hsinchu City Government has planted about 120,000 mature trees over 2 meters tall. The Hsinchu City Government is working hard at reducing emissions. We are working in the direction specified by Supreme Master Ching Hai. We can never go wrong on this path.

We thank former Mayor of Hsinchu Lin Junq-Tzer and wish you great success in your continuing noble endeavors for Formosa and the world. When we return, we’ll meet an ordinary citizen from Australia who is also doing her significant part to save the planet. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.

Welcome back to our program. We have just featured Mayor Lin Junq-Tzer of Hsinchu, Formosa (Taiwan), who was honored with the Shining World Leadership Award for promoting the vegetarian diet for the environment while in office. In addition to encouraging government leaders, Supreme Master Ching Hai has also urged ordinary citizens to be torch bearers themselves in planet saving action.

If the governments recommend the vegan diet to halt global warming, you can imagine the level of response! But we can’t afford to wait for the government or anyone else to create the trend. So, we start it now, first, by becoming vegan ourselves, individually, and then letting everyone else know how easy and beneficial it is.

Let’s meet Leigh-Chantelle, who is the creator and operator of, an interactive online community for vegans and non-vegans interested in the lifestyle. Leigh-Chantelle is an accredited naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, as well as a musician and clothing designer. Her diverse talents and interests often come together through her projects to help others explore the health, food, fashion, and other aspects of vegan living.

I’d always wanted to release a recipe book, and I thought, well look, for the time being I will just do 12 recipes, so as a calendar sort of format. So I released the calendar and then the next year I took it onto the website. It’s been going for I think about six or eight years now, and it’s just adding more things.

Like now I’ve got forums, I’ve got some videos. There’s a load of recipes there, members can put their own recipes on there as well. So it’s just trying to make it simple and easy to prepare meals and with all the decadent things that people like as well. Converting it to a more healthy and sustainable diet for people.

Perhaps Leigh-Chantelle’s origin of inspiration is in her own experience of becoming a vegan. When she shares her story with others, she inspires them too. Many people in her vast internet social network approach Leigh-Chantelle with questions, and she is always ready to help.

I don’t think there is any negative to being vegan, to be honest. I always say people to look, to be able to look animals in the eye and that they trust you and that they know that you are not going to hurt them. That’s a very humbling experience. And any benefits, like I feel a lot better. I am used to have colds quite often when I was at school. I used to have bad pain and stuff like that. I don’t get those anymore. You can be more healthy, more active, wanting to do more things.

You’ve got a few articles on here. Ones that have been written about me, The one from “Vegan Voice.” There’s also one from the “New Vegetarian and Natural Health” that I was on the cover of a few years ago.

Leigh-Chantelle often interviews other vegans, inviting the internet community to listen to their stories via video at There, people can also shop for the clothes she personally designs.

They’re all recycled clothes as well, so I buy them, I buy them from second hand stores, and then write my lyrics on them in fabric paint. I’ve also got these, “This is what a vegan looks like” shirt. So they’re quite popular as well, and yeah, little ones like this. I’ve also got jeans…

More recently, Leigh-Chantelle organized a large public festival to reach out to non-vegans. The Green Earth Festival, full of booths, activities and entertainment with a sustainable and vegan message, was a great success. For doing so much in her own capacity to share the vegan way of life with others, Supreme Master Ching Hai sent Leigh-Chantelle a Thank You Letter, and asked for gifts to be brought to her as well.

She received Supreme Master Ching Hai’s #1 international bestsellers, “The Birds in My Life” and “The Dogs in My Life,” as well as the poetry collection, titled “Pebbles and Gold,” by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

“Dear Leigh-Chantelle, We wish to humbly salute and thank you for your outstanding efforts to promote the many advantages of the plant-based diet. As a vegan, activist, animal rights advocate and artist of outstanding talent and ability, you are making a world of difference inspiring compassion and awareness and making it easy for others wishing to embark on this life-changing journey.

…your warm-hearted concern and advocacy is helping lead many towards a healthier life, a greener future and brighter more compassionate outlook for the beautiful animals with whom we share this amazing planet. Leigh-Chantelle, again, we wholeheartedly thank and congratulate you for your outstanding efforts to impart this vital message of kindness and for uplifting, coloring and brightening our world with your abundant talent and youthful beauty. Wishing you much success in your future endeavors and all the best in Heaven’s grace. With Great Honor, Love and Blessings, The Supreme Master Ching Hai”

Thank you very much, Supreme Master Ching Hai, for your presents, and for the lovely words of encouragement that you’ve sent me today.

Our sincere appreciation to everyone, from government leaders to individual citizens, who advocate the lives-saving, planet-saving veg lifestyle from wherever they are. May we each do our part in sharing this exciting and noble trend in our own communities, thus creating a much more wonderful world for all.

Thank you for your company on our program today. Now, please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom, after Noteworthy News. May love and kindness light your way.
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