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The Raw Vegan Style: A Celebration of Life with Dr. Gina Shaw   
Welcome, sweet viewers, to today’s episode of Healthy Living, where we will speak with Gina Shaw of Devon, England, a doctor of complementary medicine, author, health and nutrition consultant and iridologist, or one who examines the iris to determine health status.

Dr. Shaw has helped many overcome health conditions including ulcerative colitis, gastric ulcers, hypertension, high cholesterol, multiple sclerosis and depression through a raw vegan diet, in which only animal-free foods that are uncooked or cooked at temperatures below 46 degrees Celsius are consumed.
Dr. Shaw has also published many books on the links between nutrition and health, including 『The Undigestible Truth about Meat,』 『The Healthy Vegan Child』 and her latest work, 『The Anti-Ageing Diet.』

Supreme Master Television recently interviewed Dr. Shaw in the UK about foods that can ensure optimal health. She first explains why she chose the raw vegan lifestyle.

Books by Gina Shaw are available at

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