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Dr. Fred Bisci - Choosing Health the Raw Vegan Way   

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On this edition we meet nutritional consultant and health expert Dr. Fred Bisci, a raw vegan from New York City, USA. For decades, Dr. Bisci has taught people how to maintain health through correct diet, with an emphasis on choosing ideal food combinations and quantities.

He also advises his clients on what types of food to avoid.
His television show “Eat Your Way to Health” was very popular in the greater New York City area and won the famed Nova Award for best television health series.

Recently, Dr. Bisci also published a book and companion DVD about diet and nutrition called “Your Healthy Journey.” At present, Dr. Bisci is traveling around the world to promote healthy lifestyles.

Our Supreme Master Television correspondent met with Dr. Bisci on his recent trip to Australia.
Dr. Bisci:I am a nutritional consultant with a Ph.D. in nutritional science in New York City. I’ve been in practice about 43 years.

(I) probably have seen between 30,000 and 35,000 people in that time frame. My mission here is to focus on the deteriorating health conditions of the world, and I know in the United States people are getting progressively sicker, (with) more and more cases of cancer and diseases getting out of control.

And I understand Australia is pretty much in the same situation. And I believe my idea is a combination of philosophy and science and is to help peopleto realize that you can actually change your life if you are willing to change your lifestyle.

Dr. Fred Bisci's books and DVDs are available at

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