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Iran’s Natural Nutrition Society: Promoting the Rejuvenating Raw Vegan Diet - (In Persian)    Part 1   
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Hallo, thoughtful viewers, and welcome to another edition of Healthy Living, where we’ll explore the incredible role of the raw vegan diet in healing illnesses. Many real-life cases show that a natural, raw plant-based diet can significantly boost immune system functioning and cure disease.

We now travel to Iran to meet Ms. Maryam Hosseini, who is the founder of the Natural Nutrition Society and has been a raw vegan for five years. The Society holds regular meetings where the general public is invited to learn more about the raw food lifestyle and members exchange information about the diet. She is also the manager of a raw food cafe in Tehran.

Today she and her friends will tell us about the amazing health improvements they’ve experienced after beginning a raw vegan diet.

About five years ago, due to many illnesses, I used to take 18 tablets daily. My illness was gall bladder disease, for which about five years ago, around March, I had to go to Arad Hospital, and they told me they had to remove my gall bladder. I had a lot of gas. I had an ovarian cyst, arthritis, neck disc problems and serious insomnia.

Since it was the Persian New Year, I said I would go home and come back later for the operation. I got home, and since I loved reading, I started reading and came across the book by the late Mr. Avanessian, of which we have a copy here.

The book “Raw Foodism (Eating Live Foods) – the Philosophy of Nutrition and Health” by Mr. Arshavir Der Avanessian, a renowned raw vegan expert from Iran, brought new hope to Ms. Hosseini.

Every page that I read, I was totally amazed at how I was living my life in a wrong way all these years. I used to eat meat, sweets, cakes, ice cream. I loved chocolates. From that night I decided to get rid of my medications, I asked my daughter to throw away my tablets. I didn’t know any societies, etc. I didn’t know how to prepare raw food; I didn’t know what to do.

But as I read the book carefully, I started with fruits. For about one week I started to have healing reactions; I had bone pain and leg pain. I really felt what the drug addicts go through. Just like an addicted person, I had body aches. About the time I used to take my tablets, I resisted, then my body would react with headaches, nausea, and after one week, I started to feel better.

It took about two months till my eight illnesses were cured. In the last two years, I have never had a cold. In fact none of my illnesses have returned.

After experiencing a miraculous improvement in her health, Ms. Hosseini decided to help inform people of the benefits of a raw plant-based diet.

When you get to know this method, you get peace of mind from every perspective; your sleep improves. With raw food your body’s immune system improves and you will never become ill again. So, about 1.5 years ago we set up the “Natural Nutrition Society.” We run the place to provide guidance and also to prepare raw food.

Fortunately, many people came here and they had illnesses such as leukemia, breast cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, intestine cancer; they had tried chemotherapy even and they all came and got cured. We have invited them here so that they can speak to others and show their medical cases; to tell the world to become vegetarian, similar to how Supreme Master Ching Hai on Supreme Master Television promotes this diet.

It’s very good if the whole world becomes vegetarian. But for those who are ill, they must adopt a 100% raw diet, so that they can regain their health very, very quickly. In this period, I can say that daily, at least 50, maybe 80 people come here; some days, on Thursdays, 100 or 150 people come here and they have seen for themselves that they had diabetes, gout, rheumatism, vitiligo disease, all kinds of illnesses, and got cured. Even those who were heavily overweight, in about two months, managed to reduce 30 kilograms.

We’d like to ask our dear teacher to talk to us. All this time that we have been here, his presence has meant a lot to us. Please tell us about your experience of 36 years of a raw food diet, since the late Mr. Avanessian. Thank you.

It was in October 1973 that I got to know about the raw food diet. As soon as I read the book, I started my raw diet and in a matter of four months, I lost 40 kilograms. I was 110 kilograms, to be exact, I was 108 kilograms before. Then I met Mr. Avanessian. Actually, like many people who go on a diet, I thought that I could now return to a cooked food diet, but my experience proved that if I do go back, my symptoms would come back.

Of course, being overweight is one of the conditions which can be cured with a raw diet. Almost all illnesses are treatable with a raw food diet, including being overweight. I have not been sick as such. Once or twice I got the flu, which I recovered from, and till now I have never been ill.

Ms. Hosseini says acidic foods throw our body out of balance and consuming fruits is the solution.

Hazrat Ali (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “Do not make your stomach the graveyard of animals.” It doesn’t matter what illness you have, whether it’s leukemia, prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc., you will be cured from all of these diseases if you just use fruits; because fruits are alkaline. While meat is acidic, dairy is acidic. Bread is acidic. Rice is acidic. You can consume everything which is alkaline, together with fruits. Be assured; do this for 10 days, then you will see the results.

When we return, we’ll learn about healthy eating from our Iranian raw vegan friends. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.

Welcome back to Healthy Living here on Supreme Master Television. Today, our friends from Iran share their wonderful experiences with the raw vegan diet.

In the name of God, now it’s about 10 months that I’ve followed the raw vegan diet. I used to have all kinds of illnesses, high blood pressure, liver disease and stroke. My blood sugar level was 400. Then I had a book at home called “The Supreme Medicine”; when I read that book, I learned that it’s possible to cure every illness with a fruit diet. Also I learned about Mr. Avanessian’s book.

I rang the publishers to see who this author was. They gave me the phone number of this society. I got in touch and from that day on I started the raw diet, and thank God, I have been getting better every day. Then I studied the Quran, and I learned that they refer to fruits as heavenly food, and this also motivated me to continue my diet.

When I left the hospital, I had a stroke, and I had to take warfarin and also aspirin, in order to make my blood thin. Then they gave me medications for my heart, blood pressure, diabetes; altogether I used to take 22 tablets (a day). But after my raw diet, I stopped all these tablets, and now I am very healthy. Every time my friends see me and they see my smile, they notice I have changed a lot and my weight has also gone down by 40 kilograms.

Mojtaba Tavvakkoli is another example of how what we choose to consume directly relates to our health status.

In the name of God, about 15 years ago, I had all kinds of illnesses. Almost all doctors gave up on me, especially about three cases. I had nervous problems, so that even with the most powerful sleep tablets and sedatives I couldn’t sleep. From night till morning I used to walk around, talk to myself. I had gout.

Four times it was on my feet. From my toes to my knees were plastered. All sorts of medications didn’t work on me. I used to inject heavy tranquilizers; for two hours I was pain free, then from night till dawn I used to cry and scream with pain.

After that I got diabetes. Before eating, my blood sugar was 430. My legs up to my knees were numb, my hands up to my elbow were numb, and they wanted to hospitalize me and start me on insulin. And I said that I didn’t want to use insulin; because my mother had died at a young age due to this illness.

A friend gave me a copy of the book by Mr. Avanessian. I read that book and then I started the raw vegan diet 100% and I threw away all my medications on the same day and continued with the raw diet. In about three months, my health was completely restored, my blood sugar level dropped to 109 and now 14 years has passed, and thank God, every day I am healthier and full of energy and I am much, much happier.

I have no more to do with doctors and medications. Now I am very happy and also about two years ago I got to know about this society, and I thank Ms. Hosseini for all her efforts. Now I eat raisins, dates and other sweet things, but there is no sign of diabetes.

Those who follow a 100% raw vegan diet do not believe in cooking foods. Ms. Hosseini now explains why this is the case.

God has actually cooked all these, through the Sun’s light. So these tomatoes (yes, it is actually cooked, yes) are 100% cooked. Cucumbers are ripe and all the fruits are ripe. In fact by cooking, we actually lose all the vitamins (yes, yes.), and this is wrong. Some people will ask how we can ever live on raw food.

They say if we don’t eat meat, where shall get protein from? If we don’t have milk, where shall we get calcium from? While we say, “No, God has made us so much food in abundance, everything, all the fruits have protein, (yes.) calcium, water, iron, everything.” What are the reasons for this?

Because all these fruits, these herbs are full of vitamins and our bodies need vitamins. This way, the vitamins are absorbed by our bodies directly. Everybody who comes here, we tell them that there is no compulsion in this; at least they should try this for a couple of weeks. For two weeks, they should become fruitarian. It’s not difficult. God has created all these fruits in nature for us.

Have you ever heard that melons or watermelons, or apples are bad for us? I urge all the people of this planet, for their sake first, and then for saving our planet Earth to try this diet; at least for two weeks try a fruitarian diet. Be assured that with this diet, you will never need a doctor ever again!

We applaud Maryam Hosseini and others of the Natural Nutrition Society for guiding many people back to wellness through a compassionate and highly nutritious and delicious way of eating. Next Monday on Healthy Living we will hear more from Ms. Hosseini and others on how the raw vegan diet prevents disease and keep us feeling our best.

Thank you for joining us on today’s program. Next up is Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living, after Noteworthy News. May we all be embraced by Heaven’s eternal love and light.

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Today’s Healthy Living will be presented in Persian, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Hallo, benevolent viewers and welcome to today’s Healthy Living for Part 2 of our program where we continue exploring the incredible power of the raw vegan diet to cure illness.

Many real-life cases demonstrate that a natural, raw vegan diet can significantly improve immune system functioning and quickly cure chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Ms. Maryam Hosseini, is the founder of the Iran-based Natural Nutrition Society and has been a raw vegan for five years.

The Society holds regular meetings where the general public is invited to learn more about the raw food lifestyle and members exchange information about the diet. She is also the manager of a raw food cafe in Tehran, the nation’s capital. Last week, she and her raw vegan friends described the amazing results they obtained after adopting a raw plant-based diet and today they’ll share more of their wonderful experiences. In the five years that I’ve followed this lifestyle, how come I have never had a cold? How come I have never been ill! Therefore, diet is very important.

Diabetes is regarded as an incurable, chronic disease by medical science, but many diabetics have found that a raw vegan diet is immensely helpful in healing their condition.

I used to take 60 units of insulin in the morning and 60 units in the evening. Despite this, my sugar level would not come down. And every time I did some tests, my sugar level was the same; namely, in the afternoon, it would be about 350, 400. And every day, I had to take ten units of regular (insulin) mixed with NPH (Neutral Protamine Hagedorn) and injected myself in order to reduce my sugar level. Still it would not come down and that would bother me.

Doctors told me not to have even one quarter of a date and that I should never have carrot juice. I used to love grapes and melons. Others were eating grapes and melons; I just looked at them with regret. It felt like that was the end; that I could never have these fruits that God has created. Until recently, I noticed that my eyesight was very poor. My feet were becoming black and very bad.

Fortunately, however, Kazem Ya’ghub Pour heard about Ms. Maryam Hosseini and her organization.

I came here and in the first 24 hours I couldn’t believe that I could live without insulin, without tablets. This couldn’t happen. So I decided to try this and see what happens. It couldn’t get worse. Everybody is on a raw diet here. They all have healthy enzymes, healthy vitamins. So I said, “Let’s try and see.”

I came here and on the first day, many people came here. One said he had a kidney problem, another said he had had a stroke, another had cancer, and they said they got cured. So I said to myself, maybe something will happen to me, I should try this.

I stayed here for one day. In the morning I got up and started eating fruits and grapes, and everything I fancied. I used to be 125 kilograms. Last week I weighed myself, I couldn’t believe myself, all my family would not believe it. I don’t know what happened. The week before that, I was 125 kilograms, now I was 115 kilograms.

In the past Seyyed Edris Jasmei had to take all sorts of drugs for his diabetes. After being introduced to a new way of eating through the Iranian raw foods expert Arshavir Der Avanessian’s book “Raw Foodism (Eating Live Foods) – the Philosophy of Nutrition and Health,” his life was completely transformed.

In the name of God, I am Seyyed Edris Jasmei. Since the Persian New Year, due to excessive urination, I had to drink a lot and so my mother took me to a doctor. The doctor said that immediately I should have some tests. After the tests, the doctor looked at my blood sugar level, and said my sugar level was 800. The doctor said he doubted my blood sugar test results, and he asked for a second test. I went to have a second test, and they noticed it was high, very high.

From that moment, the doctor told me to go to the hospital immediately. I went to the hospital for a week. At that time, I used to inject insulin; in the mornings, three regular(insulin) units, and seven NPH (Neutral Protamine Hagedorn) units, and in the evenings two regular units, and four NPH units. But after studying Mr. Avanessian’s book and by adopting a raw vegan diet, I managed to cure this illness and resist it and now I am healthy.

In the mornings when I get up, I eat juicy fruits or drink fruit juice, like orange juice or apple juice. We prepare the juice ourselves at home; I drink juices, and eat especially juicy fruits. For lunch, I eat fruits and salads. In the evening, I also have fruits and salads. My energy levels have doubled.

When we return, we’ll hear more about the amazing experiences of our Iranian raw vegan friends. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.

Welcome back to Healthy Living here on Supreme Master Television. Today, our friends from Iran are continuing to share the many ways they have benefitted from following a raw plant-based diet.

I am Hasan Zadeh. I learned about the raw diet from one of my friends who had bowel cancer. He worked in our office and doctors had given up on him. After a few surgeries, he got a little bit better, and after chemotherapy, I saw him and thank God, he was a little bit better. I was surprised; I asked how he was. He said that he learned about a method and he changed his diet completely and luckily despite the fact that a few months prior to that they had given up on him, now he was better.

And that coincided with the beginning of my own illnesses, blood pressure, blood sugar and other conditions. He asked me if I would try the raw diet. I was following the new diet for about 10%, 20% of the time, but I didn’t take it seriously until my condition got more severe.

Apart from blood sugar and blood pressure, I started having problems with my back discs, allergies, and worst of all, my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen ) went up, which was a sign of prostate cancer, which was hereditary in my family, from both my father’s and from males on my mother’s side. This was so bad that in July 2008, my PSA reached 8.1, and my doctor told me that I had to go and do a biopsy, and my condition was dangerous.

From that date, I decided to take my raw diet very seriously, and really I decided to abandon my sloppiness and laziness and I started this new raw diet. In the second month, I noticed my PSA reached 7.1. The following month, it was 6.1. I didn’t go for tests anymore. In these two months, my blood sugar, for which I had to take at least two metformin tablets daily before it came down to a normal level. My high blood pressure, for which I was taking tablets, was completely cured. It was much better.

I had back pain, and in 2004 and 2006 I was hospitalized for a month. It was my back discs. They healed completely. My allergy all year round, and a collection of other illnesses, for instance, for a few months I was sneezing, I had nasal discharge, etc., they all got cured.

I think that God helped me a lot, so that’s why I learned this new diet. It must be God’s blessing that one learns about this method and then is able to promote it among ill people so that they would adopt this method. So I recommend that people should turn to so-called natural food, and the best natural food is raw vegan food.

Raw vegan food can significantly strengthen our immune systems. In fact, some people never get sick after switching to a raw vegan diet.

I became vegetarian when I was age 16, and since I was 18, I’ve gotten to know about the raw vegan diet. I have continued my raw vegetarian diet till now that I am 35 years old. During all this time, of course, my reasons for becoming a raw vegetarian have never been that I was trying to find a cure for illnesses.

It was merely because of compassion towards animals; I thought that we should not have to kill and eat animals. And since God has created so much fruits, herbs and plants and made these readily available for us to eat, I decided to give up eating meat. And then this diet was also good for my health, and since then I have a raw vegan diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, seeds, etc, and all this time I have been very healthy, happy and strong.

During these 16 years that I have been eating raw vegan food, I have never become sick, not even once have I caught a cold; I wish my family were here. They would confirm this and not even once have I seen any doctor. I have never taken any medications and my health has continued to be excellent.

A raw vegan diet mean a diet with no milk. Why is it best to avoid dairy foods?

When we ask people not to use milk, they say, “Well, where shall we get our calcium from?” When we tell people that milk actually causes bone brittleness, they say that their doctor has told them to drink milk. Milk does cause bone brittleness. After we are born, for two years, we need to drink milk. Every being on the planet must drink her/his mother’s milk, and all the beings on the planet Earth except humans, do not cook their food.

So, please look at the big elephants, big camels, giraffes, and all other animals, they have only one kind of food. Since humans started to eat everything, all kinds of food, they started to have all kinds of diseases.

To close today’s program, Ms. Hosseini has these final thoughts.

So I urge you to eat natural food, when there is so much fruit that God has created in Nature, with lots of vitamins. You do not need to look elsewhere for your vitamins. Be assured of this, try this; you will surely see the results.

We salute Ms. Maryam Hosseini, members of the Natural Nutrition Society and all those who are advocating for the raw vegan diet as the path to health and wellness. May the beautiful plant-based way of eating soon be adopted by all people across the globe.

For more details on the Natural Nutrition Society, please email:

Thank you for joining us on today’s edition of Healthy Living. Next is Science and Spirituality, after Noteworthy News. May we each do our part to make our planet’s future ever brighter.

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