Stop All Animal Products and Save Our Children  
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Methane heats up the astmosphere 72 times more than CO2.
Nitrous Oxide is 310 times more potent than CO2.
Ammonia is a main cause of acid rain and ecosystem acidification.
Hydrogen Sulfide can cause from just death one inhale at concentrations as low as 1000 parts per million.
The largest source of methane , nitrous oxide & ammonia is from animal industries.
Hydrogen Sulfide is one of the major toxic pollutants from the animal industry.
Methane & Nitrous Oxide released from animal industries in trun trigger more methane & CO2 to be released from the oceans and permafrost.
Animal waste / chemical fertilier runoff / fishing all contaminate our water supply & deplete the oceans' oxygen, kill marine lives.
Hydrogen sulfide formed in this process depletes oxygen further.

Stop Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Amonia,Hydrogen Sulfide from Animal Products.
Stop all animal products = Save Our Children

Support Vegan Organic farming = Save Our Planet
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