Alcohol: Poison for Body and Mind  
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Hallo, angelic viewers, and welcome to Healthy Living. Alcohol has an extremely negative effect not only on those who drink but also on their loved ones.

Over the years, esteemed American physician Dr. William Glatt has witnessed first-hand the enormous damage done to patients by alcohol consumption.

Dr. Glatt (m): I’m Dr. William Glatt. I practice internal medicine and addiction medicine at my office in South San Francisco, California (USA).

I’m also the medical director of an alcohol and drug treatment program at Mills-Peninsula Hospital in Burlingame. I’ve been doing that for 28 years.

HOST: Dr. Glatt is widely respected by his patients for his kind, caring attitude. They call him 『The Hugging Doc』 because he hugs each one after their visits.

He has written and lectured on the 『Healing Power of Love』 and 『Hugging and the Immune System.』 One of our Supreme Master Television reporters recently spoke with Dr. Glatt about the physical and psychological impact of drinking and he provided his expert perspective on the issue.
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