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      2 Jan 2012
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 World Bank Supports Bold Solar Power Plans
In sustainable energy news, the World Bank approves US$297 million in loans for solar energy in Morocco. The funds will be used to help finance the 500 megawatt Ouarzazate Concentrated Solar Power Plant Project. The plan will also assist in creating many new jobs in the region, as well as contribute to energy security and exports. The facility, which focuses a large area of sunlight into a smaller space using mirrors or lenses, will be one of the biggest in the world. Our sincere thankfulness, World Bank, for your support of Morocco’s green endeavor. Also, our accolades and appreciation, Morocco, for working towards a sustainable future. May we all continue to take steps to bring about a balanced and peaceful eco sphere.
 Mexican mariachi music named to UN heritage list
In cultural news, Mexican mariachi receives recognition from a United Nation agency. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has added this genre of Mexican music to its List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Mariachi, an integral element of the Mexican heritage, is traditionally performed by a group of two or more individuals dressed in regional costumes playing a wide repertoire of songs. These include minuets, polkas, serenades, ballads, and waltzes, on stringed instruments. The modern Mariachi group includes trumpets, violins, the guitar-like vihuela, and the guitarrón or bass guitar. Love of the Earth, hometown, native land, and religion are among the topics portrayed in the beautiful songs which are played by the bands at festive, religious, and civil occasions. Congratulations, Mexico, on this international recognition of the wonderful mariachi music. May many more generations be blessed with the opportunity to listen to the splendid tunes of your lovely land.
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