Our Noble Lineage
A Christian Solution to Climate Change: Interview with Father Harsanto from Yogyakarta, Indonesia (In Indonesian)   

  Conversations with the Seventh-day Adventist Church:Divine Principles of Life and Pure Living 
 Bishnois: The Eco-Conscious Desert Dwellers of Rajasthan, India(In Hindi) 

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 Modern-day Essene Church of Christ and the Order of the Blue Rose
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 Tibetan Buddhism: Compassion Is the Essence (In Tibetan)
 Dr. Chris Foster and Mormons for Animals
 The Unitarian Universalist Association: Acceptance and Respect for Life
 Vegetarianism in Nepal: Interview with Culture Expert & Animal Advocate Dr. Govinda Tandon (In Nepali)
 China's Mystical Wudang Mountains:Holy Land of Taoism and Cradle of Wudang Martial Arts - (In Chinese)
 Live Beyond 100! Secrets of Longevity in Bama, China - (In Chinese)