O Solo Sagrada de Guarapiranga: Thánh địa Sao Paulo, Ba Tây      
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Welcome to a paradise on Earth... the vision of one man who sincerely wished for all people to find a piece of Heaven nearby. He knew how to make parks, and devoted his life to making spaces for people to rediscover peace, especially their inner peace.

The Sacred Land here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was originally designed by Mokiti Okada, beginning in 1945 Japan. It is a place characterized by the harmony between the natural beauty and beauty added by humans.

Mokiti Okada was born in Japan in 1882. Since childhood, he was devoted to the arts and concerned about the challenges of humanity. He studied various areas of human knowledge, like politics, medicine, education, and economics. Disillusioned by the difficulties of mundane life, he delved increasingly deeper into religion and philosophy. Also dedicated to the arts and agriculture, he strived to present viable proposals for an integrated social development.

The Sacred Land was built based on the philosophical conceptions of Mokiti Okada, using education as a way to build human character, a truly happy human being. When he departed the world in 1955, he had left humankind three major works to serve as prototypes of an ideal world, in the cities of Hakone, Atami and Kyoto in Japan.

Through them, Mokiti Okada had left the basis for the construction of a spiritual world that appeared on Earth. It was a manifestation of the ideal world, a world where the thoughts, words and actions of human beings are based on the Truth, on the Laws of Nature.

Brazil was the first country in the West to build the prototype of Okada’s paradise, which was situated on the border at the Guarapiranga Reservoir in 1955, in Sao Paulo. The land it occupies is vast, covering well over 300,000 square meters.

This is the Sacred Land of Guarapiranga. Today, O Solo Sagrado is considered one of the largest existing natural parks of contemplation in Brazil. Each year the site brings together about 3 million people, among them followers of different faiths.

Harmonizing the beauty of the West with the East, the Sacred Land was constructed starting in 1991. Every corner and every detail was meant to provide the perfect place where people could meditate and get in touch with their inner nature. Please stay tuned to The World Around Us. We’ll return to explore the special places within the Sacred Land in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Welcome back to The World Around Us. We are visiting O Solo Sagrado, or the Sacred Land, a truly unique park in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Messianic Temple is an awe-inspiring sight. It is a shrine with a soaring column that uplifts both eye and mind toward the heavens. Its circular ring of columns reminds one of ancient structures of Greece.

Once a month, many people enjoy coming to the Sacred Land to listen to sermons given to the public for free by the Messianic World Church of Brazil. The Espelho d’agua is a shallow pool of water that is like a mirror – placid, reflecting. A curved path takes one over this mirror, which is visible on either side. A variety of flowers bring this wonderland to life with a spray of vibrant colors and enchanting perfumes.

People from all over Brazil and also from other countries gather here. They infuse the atmosphere with their sincerity, love, and thanksgiving.

According to the designer, the Sacred Land has a philosophy that seeks to awaken humanity. It cultivates spiritualism and altruism; it encourages belief in the invisible. In a place like this, one can commune with nature and believe that there are spirit and emotion, not only in fellow humans, but also in animals and plants.

The Sacred Land also implemented a system of environmental management. Its environmental policy is based on the search for sustainability, the prevention of pollution, the preservation of local fauna and flora, and the development of environmental education. The Sacred Land. Wouldn’t it be nice for there to be many more such paradises on Earth for all to enjoy?

Thank you for joining us on The World Around Us. And now, please stay tuned for Words of Wisdom, right after Noteworthy News, here on Supreme Master Television. May your spirit be touched by nature’s solace and love.

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