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HOST: Along the freezing and rocky paths of the snowy mountains, the soles of their vegan boots swept across the icy grounds in haste.

Dr. Andrew Knight and the Vegan 3 Peaks Team raced against frosty wind competing in the United Kingdom’s infamous Three Peaks Challenge.

Andrew(m): The first thing we discovered was snow unexpectedly half way down the mountain; we certainly hadn’t expected to see that much snow up there.

So we went higher and higher up and the visibility began to drop and the wind started to pick up and fairly soon we were in a blizzard.

So by the time we eventually staggered our way up to the summit we were walking on about 5 feet of packed snow. We could only see about 30 feet at a time.

We could barely see from one rock cairn to the next. And we were following a trail in the snow that was left by people’s footprints which was rapidly being blow over and disappearing within about 30 minutes, so it was a slightly dodgy situation.

It was about that time that I realized that going up there without a GPS device might not have been the smartest idea. It was well belowfreezing at the top.

We did take a little portable thermometer with us to check the temperature on the summit, but there’s no way any of us had the courage to take our hands out of our gloves but on Ben Nevis to actually check it, but it was easily -10 or -15 Celsius with the wind chill up there.

Just up ahead suddenly the ground fell away completely and there were these terrifying drops that just disappeared down into cloud and that was actually the edge of five fingers gully, and walkers have been known to walk right off the edge in bad weather; it’s the fastest way to descend that particular side of Ben Nevis.
And when I got there I knew that we were close to the summit.

HOST: Adventurous viewers, greetings and welcome to Vegetarian Elite on Supreme Master Television. Today, we are excited to have with us Dr. Andrew Knight, who shares with us his adventures with the Vegan 3 Peaks Team and the Extreme Vegan Sporting Association.

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