Between Master and Disciples
Expectations Dampen Our Spiritual Progress    Part 1

We feel something, something to work for, something to strive, to achieve. It's okay! Don't always sit there and expect the experience. This is the worst experience that you’ll could have. because the expectation dampens the spontaneity, dampens your carefree spirit and that, in turn, sometimes really obstructs the your vision.


Not because we have to be a human being again, just that we have to face much more multiple problems than the last reincarnation, until we work it all out. And really, without Master's blessing, Master's power, we couldn't make it.


One by one, you attack your habits, the ones that you don't like. But you have to also consider living your life also. Don't be too disciplined and don’t become so rigid.


Yes, honey, step by step. It depends on your strength, depends on your strength, how harsh fast you can walk with me, you see? I am taking you Home, but don't not dragging you Home. 


And don't expect, just concentrate. Don't expect, because because the expectation dampens dampens your concentration.


Well, I don't find any difference of in going into the Himalayas, sleeping in a hut or in walking around the streets of London, wearing high heels. You can, you can, but then you miss out a lot. Since you are here, play the game until the it ends. But some people don't like to, it's fine with me, but youwe still have to mix with the world anyhow. Supposed you go into the Himalayas, then you don't have money to buy ticket to London for retreat. It depends. If you can afford it, it's okay with me. It's okay with me if you want to leave the world and go to the moon. It's okay. But then, if you want to go to the moon, then why not stay in London? Why should we should make the difference?


We don't come here just for clear air alone. We don't come here just for individual peace alone. We come here for something. We come here to integrate with all the Godlike people who walk this Earth. We come here to make a shining example of what towe believe, to be a noble,; and angel-like kind of lifestyle.


And if we think the world is so polluted, so bad already, and so dark already, and we take away the light – the only light, all the rare light that there is – and then take it away somewhere else, then who are we to blame? Who can we blame, if the world is dark? When we all always take whatever light there is, take away from the world. Better one, two, three lights, than no light. So, just stay right where you are.

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