Instant Vegetable Pickle • Deep Fried Stinky Tofu • Golden Tofu   
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Instant Vegetable Pickle
¼ green bell pepper
½ red bell pepper
¾ yellow bell pepper
¾ cucumber
Balsamic vinegar
or lemon juice
½ - 1 teaspoon salt
Fruit sugar (optional)
Hot water

Golden Tofu
1 package semi-soft tofu
2 cups tapioca powder
1 cup water Breadcrumbs
Vegetable oil

Deep Fried Stinky Tofu
8 pieces of stinky tofu
Vegetable oil

Side Dish
Japanese noodles
Sweet chili sauce
Chili sauce
Soy sauce or Maggi
1. Slice the bell peppers and cucumber thinly (thickness is up to you).
(Tip : Always slice with knife moving outwards from your finger so that you do not cut yourself.)
2. Mix them well, marinate with vinegar or lemon juice, salt and sugar syrup and some hot water to quicken the marinating.
3. Serve with Golden Tofu and Deep Fried Stink Tofu.
(Tip : Prepare the pickle first before other dishes, so that the vegetables are well marinated.)

1. Cut semi-soft tofu into small cubes or finger size.
2. Mix 2 cups of tapioca powder with a cup of water to form a thin batter.
3. Heat up a pan half filled with oil.
4. Coat tofu with tapioca batter followed by breadcrumbs, deep fry in heated oil.
(Tip : Constantly stir the tapioca batter so that the tapioca powder do not sit at the bottom of the batter.)
5. Remove tofu from pan when it turns golden brown.
6. Serve with sweet chilli sauce (from Thailand or Au Lac if available).

1. Heat up a pan half filled with oil.
(Tip : Use a small pan if not cooking a lot to save oil and energy. Temperature of oil should be moderate and not too high, so that the tofu is thoroughly cooked inside and outside. High heat will burnt the outside and the inside may remain uncooked.)
2. Deep fry 4 pieces of stinky tofu at a time.
(Tip : The inside of Stinky tofu is usually very wet. Be very careful during the deep frying, stand further away from the pan during frying. You may use a frying screen to protect yourself from the oil if it is available.)
3. Tofu is done when it floats on surface of the oil or when both sides of tofu have turned golden brown. Remove from pan.
4. Cut tofu into 4 -5 small pieces or any desired size. Serve with Instant Vegetable Pickle.
(Tip : You may prefer to cut the tofu before frying.)

1. Cook noodle in a pot of water. Cook till water is boiled.
2. Noodle will be soft after several minutes. Remove from pot using a sieve.
(Tip : Do not leave the noodle in the pot for too long. Noodle will not be nice when it is too soft).
3. Serve with chilli sauce and soy sauce (or Maggi Seasoning sauce). Mix with noodle if desired.

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