Wissenschaftler über Klimawandel
Planet Erde: unser liebevolles Zuhause: Klimawandel – Expertenansichten aus Formosa (Taiwan) (Chinesisch)   
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HOST : Hallo, eco-friendly viewers,and welcome to Planet Earth: Our Loving Home.
In the past 50 years, in Formosa (Taiwan), the occurrences of torrential rain have increased by 70 to 80 percent. The danger of drought has also increased.

The whole world is facing the same problem, so this is not just happening in Formosa (Taiwan). The whole world is being threatened by floods and droughts. So, this kind of threat has already arrived and is already affecting us.

It will become more and more severe. All over the world, heat waves will become more frequent, and the sea level will rise. In some island countries people have already lost their homes.
Also, the sea level we already know it’s rising faster and faster, much faster than our (previous) estimates.

HOST : On today’s program several distinguished Formosan (Taiwanese) experts will discuss the effects of climate change and provide their suggestions for addressing the problem.

From Academia Sinica, Formosa (Taiwan) we’ll hear from Dr. Wang Chung-Ho, Research Fellow at the Institute of Earth Sciences and Dr. Liu Shaw-Chen, Director of the Research Center for Environmental Changes.

Other interviewees will include Professor Hsu Shih-Jung from the Department of Land Economics at National Chengchi University, Formosa (Taiwan) and Eugene Y. Chien, chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy.

Please see the following website for more information about the following individuals
Dr.Wang Chung-Ho: www.Earth.Sinica.edu.tw
Dr. Liu Shaw-Chen:www.RCEC.Sinica.edu.tw
Dr.Eugene Chien: www.TISE.org.tw
Dr. Hsu Shih-jung: www.NCCU.edu.tw

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