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Aulacese (Vietnamese) Chèo Traditional Opera: A Reminder to the World, An Adaptation of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poem “Words of a Hen" (In Aulacese)   

Today's program features a special chèo traditional opera that has recently been composed by playwrights Hưng Tiến and Tân Lợi, entitled “A Reminder to the World.”  A world premiere on Supreme Master Television, this chèo opera is an adaptation of the poem “Words of a Hen” written by Supreme Master Ching Hai in her 20s, in deep sympathy and sorrow for the animals who are full of intelligence and love for their families, yet having to endure all kinds of hardship and suffering as our co-inhabitants on this Earth.

Since her childhood in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), Supreme Master Ching Hai has been vegetarian.
She never consumed meat, and often subsisted on the delectable sweet fruits in the family's orchard.

Compassionate toward all, throughout her life Supreme Master Ching Hai has always done good deeds and advised humanity to re-discover their inner Divine Nature, to soon realize oneness in all creation, and to recognize that animals also experience fear and love, happiness and sorrow.

Animals feel pain when tortured and joy when caressed; they know despair when separated and gladness when united with loved ones.Regrettably, nowadays many innocent animal friends, especially those in factory farms, have been treated brutally since the day they came into this world until the end of their lives – just to cater to humans’ habits and tastes.

According to ADAPTT, a non-profit organization protecting human and animal rights, every year 140 billion animals are killed in the world. In the United States alone, every day 23 million chickens are robbed of their lives. Tears at the dying hour have turned into rivers; red streams of blood have accumulated into seas. Famed Beatles singer-songwriter, Sir Paul McCartney, a vegetarian elite from the United Kingdom, once said, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”  

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