Even Cats Love the Food for the Lively Doggie  
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Fuente: By brother initiate Pun, Hong Kong (Originally in Chinese)

On the evening of September 10, Golden Year 3 (2006), my mother and I went to the airport to meet a brother initiate. After parking the car, we were walking to the elevator when we saw a black and white cat whining and fumbling its way into the wild grass near the car park. As we approached, its hoarse cries grew louder. Mom asked me to get a pack of Loving Food for the Lively Doggie from the car. We keep many small packets of vegetarian pet food in the car so we could introduce them to pet shops.

At first the small cat was afraid. It hid in the grass, not daring to venture out to eat the food in mom’s hand. Mom waited patiently and, after a while, it crept out cautiously to sniff at the food. However, it gave in to its fear and retreated into the grass. As moments passed, the cat suddenly emerged and rubbed its head repeatedly on the ground in front of mom, as though kowtowing in gratitude, before returning to the grass. Mom left the food on the ground for the cat to eat when it wanted to. As soon as we walked away, it re-emerged and gobbled down the food. Obviously it enjoyed the food very much because it picked up with its paws even the tiny morsels dropped in the mud. Therefore, mom told me to leave the remaining half packet of the pet food for this feline friend.

From this incident, I realized that I must always carry a few small packets of the food for the Lively Doggie with me, so that I can share Master’s love with our homeless animal friends anytime, anywhere. We also prepared paper cups that had been cut down to better serve food and water to animal friends in need while keeping the environment clean and tidy.

When we visited pet shops to discuss the benefits of the Loving Food for the Lively Doggie with their owners, we found that over ninety percent of the pet food on the market was meat products. We saw the large stocks of pet food in the shops and a picture came to mind of the poultry and livestock raised all over the world for feeding pets. This is a tragic paradoxical reality. We hope that the day will come when people of the world realize the importance of the vegetarian diet and switch to the new diet with their pets. When this comes true, not only will pets and their owners become healthier, but innumerable animals will also escape the fate of slaughter.

Gentle and Healthy Kitty

Several years ago, we adopted a six-month-old kitten from the Animal Protection Society. We initially thought that the teeth and digestive system of cats were not suitable for vegetarian food. So we accepted the veterinarian’s advice and fed the kitten non-vegetarian food. Due perhaps to its meat diet, our kitten had a hot temper and would claw people every time she was upset, often scratching our hands and legs.

Later, we included simple vegetarian food such as bread and soaked seaweed in her diet. Surprisingly, she enjoyed the food. Gradually, she grew healthier and stronger, and became more docile and gentle in nature. She would not even hunt little insects and rarely clawed us.

Now our cat is six years old. All these years, she has never needed to see the veterinarian. She has her own room and, instead of a sandbox, she goes to the toilet next to our squat toilet bowl, which is easy to clean. Ever since Loving Food has produced its Food for the Lively Doggie, our cat has enjoyed the new food, which is more nutritious than bread and seaweed. Recently, our cat has become more energetic, her muscles stronger and fur glossier. Her occasional sneezing due to allergies has also stopped.

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