Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai:Premiere of "The Birds in My Life" - German Edition October 18, 2008 - Germany (In English & German)   
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After over twenty years of sharing her knowledge on how to live a balance life while pursuing a spiritual path, Supreme Master Ching Hai continues to dedicate her time and effort to uplift and enhance the life of all beings.

In recent years, she has written and published three animal books – “The Dogs in My Life,” “The Birds in My Life,” and “The Noble Wilds” – to introduce humankind to the magical world of animals. Supreme Master Ching Hai shared that the books she wrote are works of love:

Motivated by her unconditional love and overflowing compassion for our planet and all of its inhabitants,
Supreme Master Ching Hai continues to selflessly accepts invitations to share her insights and wisdom on a kinder, nobler, and more loving way of life at gatherings with our Association members, symposiums,radio interviews,or via videoconferences and the like.

On October 18, 2008, the prestigious international Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany saw the largest audience in its 60-year history. More than 78,000 visitors,publishers and authors from around the world gathered to share the latest in literary works and trends. In one of the fair’s venues, a group of noted guests from Germany, France and the United Kingdom were engaged in a discussion of one very special book,

“The Birds in My Life” by Supreme Master Ching Hai, which has been ranked as #1 international best seller in multiple languages. Coinciding with the book’s premiere at the fair, the German edition of “The Birds in My Life” has also just become the #1 bestselling book on Supreme Master Ching Hai has been invited as the honored guest, and has graciously set aside some time to attend via videoconference broadcast live on Supreme Master Television.

At the book fair’s venue, journalists, government officials, natural scientists, authors and animal protection advocates became deeply engaged in a videoconference with the book’s author., Much appreciation was expressed by readers about the creation of this unique book that features the touching stories of each of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lovable bird companions.

We now invite you to enjoy the re-broadcast of the “Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai: Premiere of ‘The Birds in My Life’ - German Edition” on October 18, 2008 at the international Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.

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