Daud Khan Sadozai: The Spirit of Afghan Music (In Dari)    Parte 2
Daud Khan Sadozai: El espíritu de la música afgana (En Dari)  Parte 2
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Delightful viewers, welcome to Enlightening Entertainment on Supreme Master Television. In today’s program,please join us for part oneof a two-part interviewwith the distinguished Afghan musician Daud Khan Sadozai,who is best known in Europe for his performancesusing a traditionalAfghan instrument, the robab, and its descendent, the sarod.

Born in Kabul in 1955, Mr. Sadozai studied robab with virtuoso Ustad Muhammad Umar of Afghanistan, and sarod with Maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan in India. He later settled in Cologne, Germany, where he is the head of the Academy of Indian Music, which was founded by Maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. Mr. Sadozai has published his CD-recording“Tribute to Afghanistan.”He has also released “The Voice of the Mystics,” “The Soul of Sound,”and “A World of String and Sound.”

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