Laurent Imbault and GoodnessTV: Uplifting the World    Parte 2
Laurent Imbault y GoodnessTV: Elevando al mundo – P1 de 2  Parte 2
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Laruent (m): In this world there are thousands and thousands of people working to make a difference, working to help other people regardless of creed, religion, or political affiliation. And it is of those people that Goodness TV wants to talk about.

HOST: Halo, kind viewers, and welcome to today’s Good People, Good Works featuring the first in a two-part series on Internet television station GoodnessTV which airs inspirational programs on noble individuals and groups who are uplifting our world through their sincere efforts to better humanity. The station’s founder is Laurent Imbault, a noted Canadian actor and comedian.

Mr. Imbault starred in the Canadian television drama 『Watatatow,』 a long-running series that addressed important social issues faced by youth. He has also appeared in films produced both in Canada and the USA.
What inspired Mr. Imbault to create GoodnessTV? Surprisingly, he realized the need for such a station after speaking with his elderly mother.

Laurent Imbault (m): My mother, she’s now 95 and three years ago she broke her hip and I spent a lot of time at the hospital with her. We talked a lot. At some point she said, 『You know, I’m happy I am going to die soon, and I am not going to see all of this anymore.』 And I asked, "What are you talking about, Mama?

What is all of ‘this’?" And she said 『You know, all of this violence and all the bad news in the world.』
She said, 『I am tired of seeing this; I don’t see that there is hope.』 And I thought, "Wait a second, Mama.』 I said, "There’s hope." And then I realized that we live in a world where we’re lacking positive input.

There is no place where I can just relax and see good news, and think that maybe we’re going to make it as a human race! So I came back and I told my wife, 『Why don’t we do something? Why don’t we start a television station of good news, only good news?』And it turned out that it was easier to do it on the Internet.

So I met some young programmers and I talked to them about the project, and everybody was really enthusiastic, so we started Goodness TV.

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