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Airbus begins test-flight programme with alternative fuel

Superplane flies on “green” fuel. The world’s largest passenger airplane, Airbus A380, has become the first commercial aircraft to fly on “green” fuel made from natural gas. Rather than being powered by crude oil, the 555-passenger-seated plane took off from the United Kingdom to France using the new Gas to Liquid technology developed synthetic fuel. The Vice President of Shell Aviation who developed the fuel stated that the plane might even run on greener bio-fuels in the future. Kudos and many thanks Shell Aviation for this development to help protect our beautiful planet. We wish travelers happy flying in the eco-friendlier skies!

Islanders get 24-hour green power

Isle of Eigg realizes dream of green energy. Ten years ago the 45 households, 20 businesses and six community centers on Scotland’s Isle of Eigg formulated a dream of powering their island with renewable energy. They began working with Synergie Scotland, which helped them tap into wind and solar energy. Today, their dream has been realized, and 95% of the island’s energy is supplied by renewable sources. Congratulations Isle of Eigg on bringing to reality your vision for a greener world! May your success inspire more regions to achieve such noble dreams to preserve our planet.

 Turkey embraces wind power

Turkey looking to invest in cleaner energy. In taking steps toward self-sustaining energy sources, Turkey has turned her interest to wind energy. Marmara University Associate Professor and World Wind Energy Association Vice President, Tanay Sidki Uyar, said, “Wind power could supply Turkey's electricity needs twice over within five to 10 years.” Bravo Turkey for your renewable energy initiatives! May Allah grace your endeavors with a flourishing green and self-sustaining nation.

Calls for new environment agency

Northern Ireland considers forming an Environmental Protection Agency. At the urging of businesses and environmentalists, Northern Ireland’s Environmental Minister Arlene Foster will soon decide about creating an Environmental Protection Agency. A supporter of the plan, head of local Phoenix Gas, Peter Dixon, said, “The establishment of such an agency would greatly support the Northern Ireland business community." Best wishes Northern Ireland for your progress in protecting our planet! May the advent of your nation's Environmental Protection Agency be a catalyst to encourage further practices that maintain the equilibrium of our Earth.

Ice cores show faster global warming

Swiss researchers say 20th century warming set a 22,000 year record. Scientists at the University of Bern studying ice core samples from Greenland and Antarctica determined that global warming during the past century was greater than that of any other century in the past 22 millennia. They also found that the rate of warming has been accelerating rapidly, with the temperature increase over the past 20 years equaling the increase over a previous 1,600 year period. With appreciation, Swiss researchers, we thank you for your warnings about the critical state of our planet. We pray for comprehensive and immediate steps throughout the world to reverse global warming.

Pollution linked to rainy summer days

Frequent mid-week storms may be related to air pollution. NASA scientists studying weather patterns in the southeastern USA recently discovered that there is more rainfall from Tuesday to Thursday than from Monday to Saturday. The researchers believe this pattern is linked to atmospheric pollution from humans, which also peaks at midweek. Lead researcher Thomas Bell, stated: “If two things happen at the same time, it doesn't mean one caused the other. But this kind of evidence makes the argument stronger for a link between pollution and heavier rainfall.” Thank you, NASA, for reminding us how our actions affect the climate. May our combined efforts in green living and technology keep our environment clean and healthy for all.

Australia experiences hottest ever January: weather bureau

Australia experiences hottest January ever. Having experienced the highest temperatures on record in January, Australia’s meteorology bureau says that global warming is heating the continent. The bureau’s head of climate analysis stated, “Certainly record high temperatures are coming significantly faster than what we would have expected if it wasn't the case of global warming.” We thank Australia for your timely observations about the effects of climate change on our planet. May we all continue to take positive action to protecting our Earth and her inhabitants.

Beijing closes 10 polluters for fresher air

Beijing reduces industrial pollution for cleaner air. In preparation for the 2008 Olympics, Beijing is shutting down the top ten major polluters to decrease emissions and provide better air quality. Initial efforts are already showing success, with 22 “blue sky” days recorded in January, the highest number since the year 2000. Heaven bless Beijing for your gracious efforts in helping our planet go green. May your noble commitment continue for the kind protection of all beings on our Earth.

Canada panel suggests $2 bln carbon capture plan

Canada encourages carbon capture and storage to alleviate climate change. A government-commissioned panel released a report suggesting that Canada could spend US$2.01 billion on developing and implementing carbon capture and storage technology. This will significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions while encouraging economic development. Our gratitude, Canada, for your expanding support of green technologies. May your endeavors yield fruitful results for the sustainability of our planet.

Dairy downsize on Govt agenda?

Downsizing dairy farms to protect the environment. An environmental report in New Zealand has shown that intensive farming and dramatic growth of dairy farming has created serious water quality issues. The government is therefore considering a reduction in dairy farms. Environment Minister Trevor Mallard said, “We have a clean, green reputation which is justified, but we won't be able to hold on to it unless we take action.” Thank you and God bless Minister Mallard and New Zealand for your willingness to take immediate action to improve the environment and quality of life. We wish all New Zealanders abundant well-being through such green, positive endeavors.

Global Warming Becoming Hot Topic In Law

Climate Change begins new trend in law. People in state legislatures and courthouses across the United States are starting to look for changes in environmental legislation. Global warming is now becoming a hot topic in science and government as well. We look forward to seeing many quick and exciting green changes to the laws, to benefit our world citizens and precious planet!

London ‘low emission zone’ begins today

UK city leads the world in largest low emission zone. As one of the leaders in sustainable transport regulations, London has zoned off the largest clean transport area, effective yesterday. The Low Emission Zone of Greater London will allow only vehicles that comply with specific emission levels. London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone said, “It will improve Londoners’ quality of life, and help make London cleaner and greener for residents and visitors alike.” With respect, we laud and thank you for your commitment to a clean environment, Mayor Livingstone and London. Blessed be your dedication to providing high green living standards for your residents and our Earth


Website offers a new avenue for recycling and reuse. is a non-profit, online network of people who recycle useable goods by giving them away, thus keeping trash out of landfills. Freecycle operates worldwide, with 4,238 groups and almost 4.5 million members. Jean Hinton, a member who started a group in Eastwook, United Kingdom, said, "There are not many landfill sites left and we need to preserve what we have got." A big thank you, Freecycle, for giving consumers yet another creative way to recycle and decrease their carbon footprint. Heaven smiles on your members’ efforts to be more Earth friendly!

Promoters pledge to turn festivals green

Music festival promoters are determined to go green. Inspired by eco-friendly events such as Roskilde in Denmark and Paléo Festival Nyon in Switzerland, many festival organizers have pledged to increase recycling, use less power and promote renewable energy. Daniel Rossellat, president of the Paléo Festival, said, “It's not exceptional to be eco-friendly, it's an obligation." Organizers in Cannes, France, United Kingdom and many others plan to make this year’s events more environmentally friendly. We offer our thanks all festival organizers for your great examples to the world. May this year’s festivals inspire many to carry out ecological efforts to keep our Earth beautiful and sustainable.

EU 'should ban inefficient cars'

Call for European Union to ban the sale of inefficient cars. Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, ex-chairman of Shell, believes that cars running under 35 miles per gallon should be banned, and that the motor industry should adhere to stricter environmental measures. He also expressed his hope that these same high standards would be applied to other divisions such as buildings and lighting. God bless and many thanks Sir Mark Moody-Stuart for your compassionate care in helping our environment. May our planet continue to thrive and flourish through dedicated efforts such as yours.

Researchers create 'green fuel' from household waste

Australian researchers use household waste to create biofuel. A team of Australian scientists led by Dr. Steven Loffler have developed a way to create a green biofuel from lignocellulose, which can be found in household waste including garden clippings and old newspapers. Dr. Loffler envisions small local plants where waste material would be collected and turned into liquid oil. Dr. Loffler has applied for a patent and hopes to see the first plant up and running within two years. Hats off, Dr. Loffler and all researchers for your leadership in finding efficient and convenient green energy alternatives. May divine wisdom continue to guide us in more developments such as these to save our gentle planet.