La passion pour la planète de Chantal Cooke – partie 1 / 2   

Chantel (f): You know, It doesn’t matter what it is you choose to do, it’s about doing something. Oh, yes, take massive action if you can, but you know, if you can’t take massive action, take some minute action, just take some action.

HOST: Hallo, respected viewers, and welcome to today’s Good People, Good Works featuring British journalist and environmentalist Chantal Cooke, who in 2002 co-founded Passion for the Planet, a UK-based radio station that is dedicated to helping listeners pursue greener, healthier, and more fulfilling lifestyles.

The London Leaders program brings together leading civic figures of diverse backgrounds to advise the Mayor of London, England on various important issues concerning the city.

In 2009 Chantal Cooke was appointed a London Leader in Sustainability due to her experience in promoting green living. As a result of her participation in the program, Ms. Cooke was inspired to launch the “Munch Less Meat” initiative, which encourages Londoners to adopt a sustainable diet by consuming less or no meat.

For her vigorous efforts to preserve and protect the planet, Ms. Cooke has received many awards, including the Triodos Women in Ethical Business Award, the Green Business Award and the British Environment and Media Award.  Ms. Cooke now shares how she first became interested in environmental issues.

Chantel (f): I think it’s one of those things I feel has always been with me. But of course, if I had to look back I’d say I was very lucky that my grandparents, in particular, were very into nature and plants and things like that.

They were one of the first people to bring certain cacti and succulents into this country. So they had this massive cacti and succulent collection. So I was always out in the garden and fiddling around with the plants.
There was always this thing about being out in the garden and looking at the plants and those sorts of things.

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