Projet Espoir en Palestine : rapprocher les cultures – partie 1 / 2 (en arabe)   
Welcome, good-natured viewers, to today’s edition of Good People, Good Works featuring the first in a two-part series on Project Hope, a Palestinian non-profit volunteer organization that provides educational and artistic opportunities for Palestine’s less fortunate young adults and children.

The group also conducts practical training sessions in humanitarian relief work to empower the younger generation with hope and skills for the future.

Hakim (m): Project Hope, as you can see from the name, is an initiative that tries to give hope to children in this area. Project Hope has been in existence for the last six years. We provide different kinds of activities for the kids.

HOST: Project Hope’s programs are varied and include 『Bridge to the World,』 where children create a blog in a foreign language to connect to people in other nations, workshops on human rights and conflict resolution, English and French language classes, creative arts classes, and musical workshops.
Many of these activities involve international instructors.

For more details on Project Hope, please visit

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