Remise en forme fruitarienne avec Jericho Sunfire partie 1 / 2   

HOST: Hallo, vibrant viewers, and welcome to another informative edition of Healthy Living featuring the first of a two-part interview with breatharian personal fitness trainer Jericho Sunfire on how a raw vegan or fruitarian diet conditions our body for peak athletic performance.

After years of being a fruitarian, or one who only eats fruits, nuts and seeds and then a liquidarian, or a consumer of only liquids or juices, Jericho, a former player for the Oldham Rugby League Football Club and London Crusaders in the UK made the transition to breatharianism, where one lives solely on the cosmic energy.

Jericho (m): As a breatharian, my personal belief is that your body creates the energy. And I believe if that you have that belief system, then your body will adapt, your body will create what you need in order for you to do the work you’ve got to do.

HOST: Jericho strives to raise public awareness of the powerful and sustainable foodless, or inediate, lifestyle and of diets that respect all living beings.

As a personal fitness trainer, he goes to great lengths to dispel the myth that consuming animal products is needed for top level athletic performance

Supreme Master TV: You being a breatharian, why do you want to show people how to go fruitarian?

Jericho: Because I’ve been through all the myths. I can understand what aspiring fruitarians, aspiring raw vegans, go through. I know the obstacles they face; I know how to overcome them. So for me it’s a part of giving something back.

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