Trust in Nature's Cure with Dr. Zarin Azar (In Persian)    2ème partie
La confiance dans les remèdes de la nature avec le Dr Zarin Azar – partie 1 / 2 (persan)  2ème partie
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Welcome, marvelous viewers, to this week’s edition of Healthy Living, the first in a two-part series featuring the dietary and nutritional views of Iranian-American, raw vegan physician Dr. Zarin Azar of San Diego, California USA.

Dr. Azar specializes in gastroenterology, the study and treatment of the digestive tract and hepatology, the study and treatment of the liver. Besides her training in these nutrition-related specialties, Dr. Azar has 25-years of self study in the area and is a Life Member of the National Health Association and a Life Partner of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), both of which advocate the vegan lifestyle.

She is certified by the PCRM in the use of the plant-based diet in clinical practice and by Our Place International in natural care of the body and fasting.
Let’s now find out why she chose to adopt the plant-based diet.

To contact Dr. Zarin Azar, please email:

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