Good People Good Work

From the Trash Bin to Concert Hall: Uplifting Disadvantaged Paraguayan Youth through Music (In Spanish)
On Trails of Compassion: Cross-Country Feats For Children in Need
Bright Shining Stars at the Little Dreams Foundation
Flying with the Bird of Light: Pakistan’s Funkor Child Art Center (In Urdu)
Lifesaver of Afghan Women and Children: The Shuhada Organization (In Dari)
See the Future in Me: Caring for Youths in Palestine (In Arabic)
Heralding a Drug-Free World: BASMIDA and Welcome Home Society
Green Cameroon: Creating Sustainable Communities (In Bassa)
Dr. Anteneh Roba and the International Fund for Africa: Caring for Ethiopia (In Amharic)
Ba Futuru: Timor-Leste’s Young People Changing the Future
Small Hands, Big Hearts: Meet Two 5-year-old Philanthropists
Green from the Inside Out: In-Depth with Three Recycling Groups
Peter Ash: Ensuring People with Albinism Live Under The Same Sun
Al Ihsan Charity Center: Elevating the Vulnerable in the United Arab Emirates (In Arabic)
Green Prophet: Tracking the Middle East’s Eco-trends
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