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Posted writing: 1,947
No Subject Poster City Country Date
1902 Animal rescue LEanne Rigby Bovingdon UK September 20
1901 Great program -Two Drops of Water - (In Aulacese) Eliza Taipei Formosa (R.O.C.) September 18
1900 Happy 5th Anniversary to Supreme Master Television Ellen San Jose USA September 6
1899 Please add Zamin Restaurant to your veg Restaurants Roya Tehran Iran September 6
1898 "The Real Love" musical Gustavo Sorocaba Brazil August 31
1897 The Real Love Texas Plano USA August 30
1896 Poem from French Artist to Supreme Master Ching Hai Evelyne Christ Dassas Paris France August 29
1895 Te Taha Tu – Sustaining the Māori Spirit Liao Tainan Formosa (Taiwan) August 29
1894 Moral Standard Radient TBD America August 28
1893 animal friends Leanne Rigby Bovingdon UK August 28
1892 Love the "Bung Tinh Day" song unknown Falls church Virginia USA August 26
1891 PS. Debbie Exeter England August 24
1890 Remi ^^ Cat Hanoi Vietnam August 23
1889 Help for those with a mental Ilness Jonathan Szetho Melbourne Australia August 17
1888 Let Peace Begin Now Radient TBD TBD August 15

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