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Vasrudak hajlítása és egyebek: Isten-adta testünk bámulatos ereje   

Halo, vigorous viewers, welcome to today’s Enlightening Entertainment on Supreme Master Television. Thin, short-statured, white-haired, but surprisingly energetic! This would be the impression left on many people who have met this 61-year-old qigong practitioner known as Tong Fei, who is also our Association member.

He is able to bend a solid iron rod with his bare neck. A wooden rod hit over his back would snap instantly, leaving him completely unscathed.Tong Fei was born in a village by the countryside of Kaohsiung in southern Formosa (Taiwan). Since his youth, Tong Fei has had great love for the green mountains and beautiful nature. When he entered university in Taipei, he enjoyed mountain climbing activities so much that he decided to strengthen his physical health condition by practicing qigong, in order to be able to climb the mountains.

Though young at that time, Tong Fei was diagnosed with gout, which enhanced his will to learn qigong. As a beginner, Tong Lo Fei visited many martial arts and religious groups to learn different qigong and meditation methods.

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