Tudomány és Spiritualítás
Ősi asztronauták: a földi UFO látogatások történelme   

Hallo, inquisitive viewers, and welcome Science and Spirituality on Supreme Master Television.
This week we’ll examine evidence for the existence of visits to Earth by extraterrestrial beings, which is called the 『Ancient Astronaut』 theory.
Over the ages, many texts and artworks have described or depicted flying objects, showing that intelligent life from other planets have come to our world since time immemorial.
For example, ancient Hindu script-xures mention flying machines used by enlightened beings or gods. The 3,500 year-old Indian epic the Mahabharata and even older texts called the Vedas, Puranas and Ramayana all refer to 『vimanas』 or 『rathas,』 which may be translated
as 『flying chariots.』 The Ramayana’s descript-xion of a vimana that has a double decked, circular form, a dome, round windows and moves like the wind with the sound of thunder
or music is much like modern, eyewitness accounts of UFOs. The following verses from this script-xure provide examples:

From Book 6,Canto CXXIII:
The Magic Car Is not the wondrous chariot mine,Named Pushpak,wrought by hands divine.
This chariot,kept with utmost care,Will waft thee through the fields of air,And thou shalt light unwearied down In fair Ayodhya’s royal town.

From Book 6, Canto CXXIV:
The Departure Swift through the air, as Rama chose,The wondrous car from earth arose. And decked with swans and silver wings Bore through the clouds its freight of kings.

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