Curahan Hati
Subject :   Another Big Thanks - for the Videos Playing on Home Page
yang mem-posting :    Ms Debbie
Tanggal :    January 22, 2012
Kota :   Exeter
Negara :    UK
Thanks again for all the videos you have streaming on your homepage.
I love lots of these and its great to see them again,
Plus the daily changing of BMD & WOW is great too.
And the screening of the 2nd January conference next Monday is cool.
Although it may be too sad to be reminded of SMTV's last day. ?!?
Here's mega hoping you start-up again due to that one & only
God knows the world needs cheering up with you guys and SMCH.
Possibly intravenously!
Spiritually is more your Style :o)
But every which way you can is desperately needed everywhere at the
mo, ad infinitum! xxx


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