HOST: For many youngsters bedtime is a loving, happy experience as they slip into cozy pajamas, brush their teeth and hop into bed.

And the best moment of all is when mom or dad reads them a story. But sadly, for some disadvantaged children there is no such nightly routine.

Halo, caring viewers, and welcome to today’s Good People, Good Works featuring the Pajama Program, a non-profit organization based in New York, USA that helps less fortunate children climb into warm pajamas and enjoy a nurturing book before going off to dreamland. Alice Quick and Genevieve Piturro co-founded the Program, and we recently met with Ms. Piturro, its executive director, to learn more about the Program’s noble endeavors. She first describes how she found this work to be her life’s true calling.  

Ms. Piturro (f): I was working in an executive position in New York City. I was approaching 40 years old and I wasn’t married. I was just myself, and “climbing the corporate ladder,” as we say. And at some point I thought, “Is this really everything that I should be doing in life?

I think that I have a purpose, more than just working every day, all day in an executive position with people who are just looking to make money and do business every day.”

And I thought there must be something missing in my life. I didn’t have any children and I didn’t really have a purpose.

 So I was looking and asking the Universe for a sign and trying to figure out if I should make a change, and I met a man who became my husband.

I talked to him about this many, many times, and he said, “I think you have a purpose and I don’t think it’s working as an executive.”

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