Dunia Sekitar Kita
Bunda Maria dari Knock, Irlandia (dalam bahasa Gaelik)   
There were people of all ages gathered ‘round the gable wall poor and humble men and women, little children that you called We are gathered here before you, and our hearts are just the same filled with joy at such a vision,as we praise your name

Greetings, truth-loving viewers. Welcome to The World Around Us. The hymn that you just heard is entitled
“Lady of Knock,” written and first recorded by the renowned Irish artist Dana Rosemary Scallon, or Dana.
Today, we invite you to join in our pilgrimage journey to the sacred site of Our Lady of Knock to which the song is dedicated.

The town of Knock in County Mayo in western Ireland was once an obscure village.
Nowadays, the town of less than 2,000 residents remains small but every year it hosts over one and a half million pilgrims.

“Knock” is the Gaelic word for hill, which describes the gentle rolling landscape on which the village is located.
On August, 21, 1879, the village experienced a miraculous apparition.

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