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Flooding since mid-July 2011 in Thailand, the world’s biggest rice exporter, has submerged two million acres of farmland as of the end of September 2011, while floods in neighboring Cambodia have left 407,000 acres of rice under water, raising concerns for both health and food security.

A study presented at the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity in Scotland, UK on Sep 27, 2011 estimates that up to 320,000 seabirds globally die each year as they are caught in lines off fishing boats, with some albatross, petrel and shearwater species nearing extinction.

Using primarily recycled materials, Aulacese (Vietnamese) university students Nguyễn Ngọc Anh and Phạm Duy Linh create a household-sized water desalination system powered by sunlight that has won a top university prize, which is designed to provide sufficient fresh water for daily use.