Seeking Human Transformation: Dr. Alfredo Sfeir-Younis and the Zambuling Institute for World Peace, P1/2    Parte 1

Alfredo Younis (m): Thank you for giving us one more day in our life, so that we can improve on our spiritual path and put our spirituality at the service of global peace and at the service of the welfare of humankind.

Alfredo Younis (m): We pray to Almighty God to make us go into a process of self-healing, to be able to find this inner peace and in order to reach this self-healing.

May He give us the power of silence and the capacity to heal nature.

HOST: Welcome kind viewers to another edition of Good People, Good Works.
Today’s program features Dr. Alfredo Sfeir-Younis,  an economist, spiritual activist, peace advocate, vegan and president and founder of the Zambuling Institute for Human Transformation.

Alfredo Younis (m): My name is Alfredo Sfeir-Younis; that’s my Western name. My Eastern name is Zambuling Cho Tab Khen. I am the founder and president of the Zambuling Institute for Human Transformation.

Alfredo Younis (m):The Institute is an institute about human transformation, the essence of human transformation, and how to bring this essence to public policy, to business, to the people on the street.

HOST: Alfredo Sfeir-Younis holds a Ph.D. in environmental economics from the University of Wisconsin, USA. During his 29 years at the World Bank, he held several key positions including serving as its principal spokesperson at the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and other international forums.
Issues he focused on while at this non-governmental organization included environmental protection, human rights, constructive economic development by applying principles of spirituality and ethics, and other issues.
Dr. Sfeir-Younis also recently published two important books, 『Another Meaning of Enlightenment』 and 『Ten Spiritual Laws to Heal the World.』 In 2005, Dr. Sfeir-Younis founded the Zambuling Institute for Human Transformation, which seeks to raise awareness about the need for human transformation in order to heal the world. The Institute has offices in Washington, DC, USA and Lisbon, Portugal.

Alfredo Younis (m): The Zambuling Institute for Human Transformation essentially is defined by its own title. Zambuling means 『world.』 So we are looking not only as individuals but also our collective existence.

We are not only looking at human beings but all sentient beings, because they also belong to Zambuling. We are not only looking at beings but also nature, which is also a being, (Right) that also belongs to Zambuling.

Human transformation we have made central to us, to look at issues of why people do what they do and what are the main foundations of this transformation.

HOST: How does Dr. Sfeir-Younis see human transformation occurring?

Alfredo Younis (m): We have begun a long time ago with two or three main thrusts.

Alfredo Younis (m): One that we need to find a balance between our spiritual development and our material development. This is something fundamental because the model we are projecting to our present generation and future generations is to be materially rich and we end up being as spiritually poor.

Spiritually poor means no identity, no understanding of your own culture, no understanding of who you are, what are you doing in this planet, etc, etc.

The second balance is between human reality and nature.
We believe that there is no difference in intelligence between nature and human beings.

For more information about the Zambuling Institute for Human Transformation,
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