Vegan Earth Day for a Vegan World - June 21, 2009 California, USA    Parte 3
Vegan Earth Day for a Vegan World - P1/4 June 21, 2009 California, USA  Parte 3
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On June 21,2009,the celebrated host of Go Vegan Radio,Bob Linden,launched the first-ever Vegan Earth Day with a festival that included the “Vegan Earth Day for a Vegan World” seminar.

Though Supreme Master Ching Hai was unable to attend as the invited guest of honor due to her busy schedule,she graciously shared her insights about society’s advancement toward ideal moral values through an inspirational video message.

Dignitaries who attended the seminar included Rip Esselstyn,vegan firefighter and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Engine 2 Diet”; Christine Garcia,vegan animal rights activist,founder and lead counsel of the Animal Law Office in San Francisco; Chris Derose,animal rights and activist,founder and president of
Last Chance for Animals,and author of  “In Your Face: From Actor to Animal Activist”; Joanelle Romero,Native American vegan and producer of the first American Indian internet television channel,Red Nation Television Channel; and Janice Belson,vegan Executive Director of Medicines Global. The seminar was also covered by KTLA,a television station in Southern California.

We now invite you to listen to 4-part series of the rebroadcast of the live seminar “Vegan Earth Day for a Vegan World” in Woodland Hills,California,USA on June 21,2009.

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