Love & Enmity: A Spiritual Drama (In Chinese)    Part 4
Love & Enmity: A Spiritual Drama (In Chinese)  Part 4
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Today’s Enlightening Entertainment will be presented in Chinese, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Greetings noble viewers, and welcome to Enlightening Entertainment. Love is one of the core values in all religions. However, it is not always easy to put it into practice, especially when we encounter seemingly unjust situations.

Today, we are going to present part 1 of a 4-part series, titled “Love & Enmity,” which explores the universal themes of love, loss, anger and forgiveness. This drama, performed by our Association members from Taoyuan, Formosa (Taiwan), was adapted from the Buddhist story as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Your Majesty, if you can see how diligently His Majesty King Eternity, your son, reigns the nation and how well he treats the people, you will surely feel proud of him!

Here comes Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa!

Come over, come over! Sit down, sit down. You all came to the mountain to play again?

Yes, look! We found this rabbit along the way.

Wow, so cute!

Grandpa, it also wants to come and listen to your stories.

Look at you, my little girl, how cute you are!

That’s right! We all love to listen to your stories.

Here. I have fruit for you.

Thank you, Grandpa!

Go ahead and have some!

Thank you, Grandpa!

I hope you can all grow up happily and peacefully.

Thank you, Grandpa!

Grandpa, what stories are you going to tell us today?

Daddy seldom let us go down to the city. Luckily we have Grandpa to tell us stories from the city.

Oh? Hmm…okay. Let me tell you a story that happened in the palace.

Hurry, please! I can’t wait.

Once upon a time, there was a benevolent king called King Longevity, who was respected and loved by his subjects. Since he reigned the nation with a compassionate heart, the people lived happy and prosperous lives. However, he was always tormented by some worries.


It’s because King Wei Mu, from a neighboring kingdom, was very aggressive and intended to invade King Longevity’s nation. King Longevity worried that the innocent citizens would be greatly affected by the war. So he was wondering whether he should follow his ministers’ opinions and defend his kingdom or just abdicate and surrender his kingdom to King Wei Mu, in order to protect his people.

Your Majesty! King Wei Mu’s troops have reached the border. We fear that…

I understand. You may be dismissed!

Yes, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, I volunteer to lead the troops to defend your kingdom.

Your Majesty, I will mobilize all our troops and fight to the death. I’m sure we can defeat the enemies.

No! Your Majesty, we can’t use force under any circumstances!

Your Majesty, trying to stop them with our weak military force is just like throwing eggs against rocks!

If we don’t fight the enemies, should we just surrender and give our land to the enemies?

Sigh… Wars always result in severe injuries and deaths. It is too devastating!

Your Majesty, let us launch our defense!

We earnestly request that Your Majesty dispatch the troops!

We’ll fight to the death! They cannot beat us.

It’s easier said than done. We’ll lose so many soldiers and so many resources!

Do you know that it will take us years to recover from the devastation of war?

Hmph, you talk like a woman! Should we do nothing and just wait for death?

My beloved courtiers, except for war, are there any other solutions? During wars, soldiers die miserable deaths, and the innocent people suffer a lot. Also, who can comfort the widows and orphans who cry deep into the night? Sigh! Since ancient times, no benevolent king has been able to bear seeing such a disaster descending upon his kingdom. So, to avoid all this, I’d rather abdicate in exchange for peace for my people.

Your Majesty, King Wei Mu is belligerent. Once under his rule, our people will suffer.

Your Majesty, please think twice before you do this.

Your Majesty, we should dispatch the troops to fight them!

I agree. Send the troops to fight them.

We’ll fight to the death!

Enough! I’ve heard enough! I will decide what to do. You may be dismissed.

What a pitiful situation!

Did King Longevity have any children?

Yes, he had a son called Prince Eternity. He was not only smart and talented but he was also a very good son. King Longevity loved him very much. Regarding this situation, the kng went to consult with his son. And the conversation decided their destiny.


Father, why are you here?

My son…

Father, it’s late, but why are you still up? Is there anything you want to tell me?

My son, I have something important to discuss with you.

What is it, Father?

The aggressive King Wei Mu is bringing his troops to our border.

What? He has reached our border?

When I think about how the innocent people will suffer from the war, my heart sinks.

Father, how will you handle this crisis?

I am still considering…

What solutions have your ministers proposed?

Today in the court, the generals strongly proposed to dispatch the troops, while the civil ministers thought quite the opposite.

What is your decision, Father?

I… I want to abdicate and surrender the kingdom to King Wei Mu.


So I can avoid the deaths of my warriors and the sufferings of my people.

Give our nation away to the King Wei Mu? I… I cannot believe this…

No matter how the future generations will think of me, I think this is the only way to achieve peace and to avoid miseries.

Father, the whole thing has happened so suddenly… I… I just don’t know what to do.

My son, I made such a decision because it’s my last resort. I am not expecting your understanding. However, if I leave, I’ll feel most worried about you. That is why I came to see you and to discuss it with you.

Father, you are the only person I can depend on. I will follow and obey your command. All the glory and fortune are just like passing clouds. I don’t care about any of this. My son, your words put me at ease. Good, good.


So, King Longevity issued a secret edict and ordered all his courtiers to leave the palace and go back to their hometowns. The King and the Prince removed their royal robes and donned peasants’ clothes. Under the protection of a guard, they left the palace for the most remote mountain in the Kingdom of Longevity.

So King Longevity gave away the nation to King Wei Mu?

What else do you think then?

So what happened?

To avoid being followed, they abandoned the horses and climbed up to an even higher and more remote mountain.

Wow, look, Father! It’s a waterfall!

So beautiful!

Watch your steps, Father.

Be careful, this way please.

So beautiful!

Yes, so beautiful!

I never imagined that we had such beautiful scenery in our kingdom.

Your Majesty, we have walked a long way. This is a very remote and secluded place; we can rest here for a while. Let’s drink some water and eat some food.


But we cannot start a fire or we may expose ourselves.

Fine, fine.

Father, please eat some dried food.

All right. Zhong Liang, you eat some, too.

Thank you, Your Majesty. Your Majesty, there is a little cave on the riverside where we can stay temporarily.

It is very nice to have a water source and a cave. However, we may be discovered very easily. I think the Prince and I will go up to a more remote mountain. Zhong Liang…

Yes, Your Majesty.

Zhong Liang, thank you for taking care of us all the way here. Otherwise, the Prince and I wouldn’t know what to do. Zhong Liang, please go back so you won’t get involved.

Your Majesty, please don’t drive me away. I would like to follow you all my life. Please don’t drive me away. Besides, I cannot go anywhere now.

Why not?

If I return, I’ll surely die. When they cannot find you, they will target me. If I don’t give them any information, I will be beaten to death. I beg Your Majesty to let me stay with you, so I can serve you.

Zhong Liang, I’ve put you in such a difficult situation. But I cannot bear to see you suffer with us like this.

Your Majesty, I owe my life to you. If you hadn’t saved my life, I would have died long ago. No matter what, I am following you.

Father, it is not safe to stay here. Why don’t you just grant him his request?

Alright, let us leave here then.

We have just enjoyed part 1 of the 4-part spiritual drama, “Love & Enmity,” adapted from the story as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai, and performed by our Association members from Taoyuan, Formosa (Taiwan). Please join us tomorrow for part 2 of 4 on Supreme Master Television.

Thank you for watching today’s Enlightening Entertainment. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom, coming up next after Noteworthy News. May your days be filled with joy and peace.
Today’s Enlightening Entertainment will be presented in Chinese, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Greetings beautiful viewers! On today’s Enlightening Entertainment, we are delighted to present to you part 2 of the four-part spiritual drama, entitled “Love & Enmity,” which was adapted from the Buddhist story as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai and performed by our Association members from Taoyuan, Formosa (Taiwan).

Previously, the wise and compassionate King Longevity surrendered his kingdom to the neighboring King Wei Mu to avoid a war that may cost untold loss and suffering to his people. With a faithful servant, King Longevity, along with his son Prince Eternity, fled to the remote mountains…

Your Majesty, this cave is too small to accommodate us. Let us go in that direction.

Yes, we should find another suitable place.


Watch out!

Your Majesty, please take a rest. I will go and find some stream water for you to drink.

No need, Zhong Liang, I am very touched by your loyalty to me. But you still have a wife and kids to take care of, please go back.

Go back? Without the country, how can there be a home? I can only have a chance to recover my home if I can help Your Majesty go through this difficult time.

Zhong Liang, I’ve always known you are a good man. The Prince and I are under such a miserable situation, but you still take care of us so attentively. I am really grateful to you.

Your Majesty, this is just something I should do.

Let’s do this. This is a jade pendant I inherited from my father. I’ve kept it for years. Please take it and sell it and use the money to support your family.

No, no, Your Majesty, I cannot take it.

Zhong Liang, take it, take it. From the present situation, we can’t tell what will happen next… You can stop accompanying me from this point on.

Your Majesty, please don’t make me leave. Don’t make me leave, Your Majesty.


Zhong Liang, arise. Listen to me, the farther you are away from me, the better! Live a good life, all right?

Your Majesty and Your Highness, please take good care of yourselves!

Just go, Zhong Liang!

Father, it is so quiet in the mountain.

It is good to be quiet. It is good to be quiet and far away from the world. To live in such solitude makes me feel more at ease.

Father, we should go farther into the mountains.

Fine, fine. Let’s look for a place where we can stay.


Grandpa, where did they go? Did they find a place to stay?

They went to a deep mountain and found a cave near a waterfall so they decided to stay there.

Did they have things to eat?

The natural condition in the mountain was very good. There was fresh stream water and abundant sweet fruits. They just lived on these wild fruits and concentrated on spiritual practice in the mountain.

Father, Father, Father, I am back. Look at these wild fruits I picked. Please come and enjoy them.

Wow, so much fruit today.

What a good harvest. Look! What a tiny papaya. And this is…. guava. I remember that guava is your favorite fruit. And dates. See how big they are.


And today’s special – Basho bananas. It’s also your favorite fruit, right? Please take one, Father.

Sure. It’s so fragrant and sweet. My son, I didn’t know you can do so much. I am fortunate to have your help during the past year.

Father, it’s nothing! This is what I should do.

My son, we’ve been in the mountains for so long. Are you used to the life here now?

Father, I’m quite used to it. In the beginning, I still missed the palace, but now I feel much better.

That is good. I wonder how our people are doing. If I could have a chance to return…

My son, if you have a chance to go back, what would you do?

I want to take back our kingdom and govern it with good policies.

What good strategies do you have to govern a nation?

Good strategies for governing a nation? It’s said that to enrich a nation, the military needs to be strengthened first. Although I don’t like wars, I believe that we should have a powerful military for self defense. The Wei Mu Kingdom took advantage of our weak military power, and they knew that we did not even dare to fight back.

Do you mean that I didn’t know how to govern a nation?

I didn’t mean to criticize you. You had been diligent in governing the state, and you were benevolent toward the people. You always taught the people with compassion and love. You rarely punished them when a crime was committed. Yet, as time went by, people forgot how to fight in wars to protect themselves.

My son, to govern a country, it’s crucial to win people’s hearts. If you direct them to the right path, the country will be prosperous and peaceful! Otherwise, the powerful military would eventually become a harmful thing, like a vicious tiger equipped with wings! Then the people will suffer even more miseries. I hope you will be very, very careful!

Yes, I will always remember your teaching by heart.

Then I do not need to worry anymore!

Time flies in the mountains, and people age over time. In a blink of an eye, the father and the son had practiced spiritually in the mountain for many years. Although their life was tough, they were quite contented. Until one day…

What happened on the day?


It is so hot. Ah? How come there are people in this mountain? Hey, who are you?

Who am I? Well, who are you?

I am a woodcutter, and I got lost in the mountain. How is it that you live in such a remote mountain?

I, I…

You look so familiar. Where have I seen you before?

You can’t have. We don’t know each other. We’ve never met before.

Young man, you mistook me for someone else.

No, I can’t be wrong.

What do you mean?

That’s right! You are King Longevity.

No, I am just a hermit living in the mountains. How can I be the king? You mistook.

I cannot be wrong. Your portrait is posted all over the country. Whoever catches you will be rewarded abundantly.

One will be rewarded for catching me? Am I so valuable? Look at me, do I look like the king?

Yes, not only do you look like the one but also you are worth a lot of money. In addition, you are worth several hundred persons’ lives.

What do you mean? I will come down. Please explain to me in details.

People have worn their shoes out in search of you, but I found you by accident! Come down quickly! It is all your fault. The current king suspected that someone was hiding you, so he arrested a lot of people and tried to extract information with torture. He also promised that whoever turned you in would be richly rewarded.

How could that be? It is all my fault. I had victimized them all!

Move! Come with me! I am going to get my rewards.

Don’t touch me! Go away!

What? You dare not go back?

King Wei Mu, I already gave my kingdom to you. How could you still harm my people?

Hey! What are you thinking about? Let’s go!

Life is transient. I have this body today but tomorrow it will be decayed. I think I’d better go back with him so he can get his rewards and my people can be free from suffering.

Are you going or not?

Young man, you mean you will get rewards if you take me back?

Yes, many people are searching for you for the reward. This is my lucky day. Let’s go now!

If I go back with you, my people will be able to live peacefully. Okay, I’ll go with you.

You finally got the idea. This is what the King of Longevity should do. Okay, let’s go!

Wait. Are you literate?

Not much.

Let me write a few words.

Hey, hurry up, will you? Let’s go! It is not worth looking, hurry up! Hurry up. Let’s go. Let’s go.

Father! Father! Where did he go? Father? Why is a bundle of firewood here? Father? Father? Is he out there looking for fruit? Ah? “I am caught. You should stay and continue your spiritual practice.” Ah?! Father! Father! Father! O Lord! Why? Father!

You’ve just enjoyed part 2 of the 4-part drama series, “Love & Enmity,” performed by our Association members from Taoyuan, Formosa (Taiwan). During a 1993 gathering with our Association members in Pingtung, Formosa (Taiwan), Supreme Master Ching Hai remarked about the woodcutter’s behavior, explaining the spiritual side of the story.

He was really an ignorant being. Even that situation didn't touch him at all. Right? His vicious mind couldn't understand the heart of a spiritual practitioner. His greed for worldly fortune had blinded his eyes, and deprived him of human feelings. You see how scary worldly wealth and glory can be. They can make a person lose his human feelings.

Only for those who have a strong spiritual aspiration, who already see the world clearly, and who are awakened, will seek treasures beyond this world. This kind of people will voluntarily give up his worldly possessions. Right?

Or even if they are rich, they aren’t attached to their wealth.

So this is why many spiritual practitioners tell us not to rely on worldly fortune, social status, wealth and glory, because we might get attached to them.

Thank you for watching today’s Enlightening Entertainment. Please join us again next week on Friday and Saturday for part 3 and 4 of the spiritual drama, “Love & Enmity.” Now, please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom, coming up next after Noteworthy News. May you and your loved ones be blessed with everlasting harmony.
Today’s Enlightening Entertainment will be presented in Chinese and English, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Greetings gracious viewers!

On today’s Enlightening Entertainment, we are delighted to present to you part 3 of the four-part spiritual drama, entitled “Love & Enmity,” which was adapted from the Buddhist story as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai and performed by our Association members from Taoyuan, Formosa (Taiwan).

During an August 2010 teleconference in Los Angeles, California, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai again mentioned this story during a discussion about the justification of war and vengeance.

There was a king and he was so virtuous and his country was so peaceful and rich, and everybody loved him. And then the neighbor king was very envious because the king had so many precious things, so he wanted to take over his country, the virtuous king’s country. And the virtuous king, because of wanting to avoid the suffering for the people at war, so he gave up his kingdom to the new king and he just left; he went into the forest.

Remember? (Yes, Master.)

After abdicating his throne to the neighboring King Wei Mu, the compassionate King Longevity then went deep into the mountains with his kind son Prince Eternity to pursue spiritual practice. However, King Longevity was captured and sent to the capital, leaving his much saddened son alone.

The prince was very sad. His father left the palace for the sake of his people. He forsook wealth and glory and left his throne. He only wanted to concentrate on spiritual practice in the mountains. Why would people still want to chase and kill him?

So pitiful!

King Wei Mu was so vicious!

After King Longevity was caught, King Wei Mu ordered to have him put to death by fire.

What?! Burn him to death??

Yes, the news spread all over the nation. Everyone felt great anger over the treatment of King Longevity.

Didn’t anyone try to rescue him?

Who dared to rescue him? They couldn’t even protect themselves. How could they rescue him?

That was too much! King Wei Mu was too cruel!

On the execution day, the people all went to the execution court.

Did the prince come?

He did. Another person also came.

Who was it?

It was the guard.

Why should he be burned to death? King Longevity did not commit any crimes. King Longevity! King Longevity!


Why should he be burned to death?


King Longevity did not commit any crimes!


King Longevity…


King Longevity…

It is a quarter to noon. Proceed with the execution!

King Longevity! Please spare King Longevity! King Longevity!

Be quick with it. Any delay and you’ll get punished too, so be quick with it!

Killer! Killer!


Eternity, put down your hatred. Do not seek revenge by violence means. Be compassionate and loving like a Boddhisattva.


Eternity, go back to the mountains. Remember: overcome your hatred with love!

King Longevity!


King Wei Mu occupied my kingdom and killed my father. I swear I’ll revenge his death!

Later, to seek revenge, Prince Eternity came to the city and tried to befriend the royal family, in order to find an opportunity to enter the palace and kill King Wei Mu.

Sir, we got a handyman. Here he is.


Come over and greet the manager.


What is your name?

My name is Eter…no, no, my name is Zhang Peng. Zhang Peng.

Where are you from?

I am from another province. I came here to find my relatives, but I couldn’t find them, so…

Do you know how to run errands and do garden work?

Yes, I can. I do this kind of thing every day.

You need to be smart and quick to work at the royal residence.

Yes, sir.

Get him to change his clothes.

Thank you, sir.

It’s your lucky day. Let’s go!

Your Excellency, please watch your steps.

Wow, so beautiful! Oh, so beautiful! Wow! Wow! I never expected the scenery, even in the rain, to be so beautiful.

Zhang Peng, what is this grass called?

This is called beggarticks.

Beggarticks? I’ve never heard of it.

This is Zhang Peng, the new servant I mentioned to you. Everyone likes him very much.

Zhang Peng is doing a good job tending the garden. Now all the flowers are blooming.

Your Excellency, Zhang Peng is very quick and smart. He is not only good at gardening, but also good at the art of tea.

Oh? Good. Get him to make some tea for me.

Yes, Your Excellency. Go and tell Zhang Peng to make some tea for his Excellency.


Your Excellency, this is a new variety of very rare orchid. I hope you like it.

So fragrant! It is really beautiful!

Thank you, Your Excellency.


Your Excellency, I made a pot of “Fragrant Healthy Tea” for you. This kind of tea can cleanse your throat and lungs, protect your liver, and strengthen your body. It also helps you gain longevity.

It smells very good! It tastes so fresh and sweet. My whole body feels so refreshed.

Here are some desserts.

Yes. Your Excellency, I made this hawthorn cake for you. It will enhance your appetite. Please have a taste.

Very delicious! Very delicious! Zhang Peng, it is surprising that you can make such good desserts!

Thank you, Your Excellency.

Zhang Peng, tell me, what other skills do you have?

Your Excellency, I also know how to cook. Oh? Good. Let’s see how good you can cook. Go and prepare a sumptuous dinner for me.

Go quickly.

Yes, Your Excellency.

If he really can cook, I’ll have to show off his cooking skill to the King. And if the King is pleased, he will promote me to a higher rank.


Your Majesty, did the dishes suit your taste?

They were so delicious! They are perfect in taste, smell and appearance. They’re as good as my personal chefs’ cooking.

Your Majesty, thank you for your commendation.

My dear courtier, you have a great cook. No wonder you always wanted me to come over and taste his cooking. So delicious! Yes, tell the cook to come out. I want to see him.

No rush, Your Majesty. I told my versatile cook to prepare some delicate and nutritious desserts for you.

What are we waiting for? I cannot wait. Bring up the desserts.

Yes, Your Majesty. Send Zhang Peng here.

Summon Zhang Peng.

Yes, sir.

Zhang Peng, come here to greet His Majesty.

My name is Zhang Peng. Greetings to Your Majesty!


Zhang Peng, bring the desserts to the King.

Yes, Your Excellency.

Zhang Peng, tell His Majesty what desserts you have prepared.

Yes. Your Majesty, this is Purple Rice Cake. The purple rice is also called the rice of longevity. It is a natural nourishing food that can lengthen your life and make you live forever.

Make me live forever!

Your Majesty, I also made a pot of “Fragrant Bodhi Tea” for you. It not only cleanses the throat and lungs, but also protects the liver and calms the nerves.

So fragrant! Good tea! My beloved courtier, your cook is so good. No wonder you look so healthy. How about letting him work for me?

Your Majesty, it will be Zhang Peng’s blessing to be hired by you. Zhang Peng, come here and thank His Majesty.

Yes. My gratitude to you, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, we are so honored to have you here. I’ve arranged some dance and singing performances for your entertainment.

Good! Good!

Present the performances.

Present the performances.

Zhang Peng then became a security guard for King Wei Mu. Aside from cooking, he was additionally talented in many areas. Thus, he quickly won the favor and trust of King Wei Mu. The King made him his personal guard.

How could it be?

Zhang Peng was in deep agony because this palace used to be his father’s, and now he serves the enemy. But when he thought he would have chances to take revenge, he worked even harder.

Another archer. Sigh! We haven’t had any wars in a long time, and all of your fighting skills are slack. You cannot even shoot an arrow! Zhang Peng, how is your archery?

Your Majesty, my father taught me martial arts when I was young, so I know a little about archery.

Oh? Then give it a try.


Great! Show us some awesome skills. Let us see what else the royal chef can do!

My son, shooting arrows is like meditating. You must concentrate well. Concentrate on the red dot of the target. When you feel that you are one with your spirit, you can shoot the arrow.


Excellent! Incredible! Zhang Peng, you are truly endowed with both artistic and martial skills. You are exactly the talented person I need. From now on, you will be the Imperial Guard Bearing Arms in the Emperor’s Presence.

Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty.

We have just enjoyed part 3 of the 4-part spiritual drama, “Love & Enmity,” adapted from the story as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai, and performed by our Association members from Taoyuan, Formosa (Taiwan).

During the August 2010 teleconference in the United States, Supreme Master Ching Hai explained the wisdom of King Longevity’s decision not to respond to the invasion of his kingdom with war – even at the cost of his own life.

We just always have to act in the principle of love, nothing else matters because… listen: today I can sit on the throne, tomorrow I’ll be gone. Today, I have my country, tomorrow I might not, but love will always prevail. And if we live in love, we act in love, we die in love, we will always incarnate in love, okay? And then, if we don’t have this country, we will have another country; if we don’t have this body, we will have another body. And we have a better body, we have a better country all the time, if not here, then in Heaven.

SM: I repeat again: killing is never right, neither humans nor animals. And war is never, never right.

Will Prince Longevity listen to his father’s last words of forgiveness, or end up getting his revenge by taking the life of King Wei Mu, to whom he is now nearer than ever? We’ll find out when the drama concludes tomorrow, Saturday, January 15.

Thank you for watching today’s Enlightening Entertainment. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom, coming up next after Noteworthy News. May we always embrace the great principle of love.
Today’s Enlightening Entertainment will be presented in Chinese and English, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Greetings kind viewers! Today, we are delighted to present the final part of the four-part drama series, titled “Love & Enmity.” In the previous episodes, we learned that King Longevity abdicated his throne to King Wei Mu to avoid war and suffering.

However, he was eventually captured and executed brutally by the usurper King Wei Mu. Disregarding his father’s final advice to treat the enemy with love, Prince Eternity aimed to avenge his father, by disguising himself as a talented servant. He eventually became the King’s trusted guard. This spiritual drama is adapted from a story as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai, and performed by our Association members from Taoyuan, Formosa (Taiwan).

Your Majesty, there is a severe flood in the south, and hungry people are wandering all over the regions. What can we do?

What proposals do you have?

Your Majesty, we can block the flood by raising the dykes.

Your Majesty, in ancient times, Emperor Yu prevented floods by canalling instead of blocking the water.

No, Your Majesty, nowadays, the climate has become abnormal, and the storms and floods are even more devastating than those in Emperor Yu’s time. No matter how many canals we build, the flood cannot be controlled. My humble opinion is to first move our citizens to higher places, and then we’ll figure out a solution later.

How come there is no long-term solution? Zhang Peng, do you have any good strategies?

Your Majesty, after listening to Their Excellencies’ opinions, I came up with an idea.

Oh? Tell me about it.

To manage the water we should follow the principle of nature. Upstream, we should ban deforestation, as the forests can store water; midstream, we should construct artificial lakes to regulate the water supply.

And then?

Downstream, we should build canals and guide the water into the ocean. This way we can prevent flooding.

Good, good! Excellent idea! It not only eliminates floods and preserve forests, but also resolves the irrigation problems during dry seasons. Zhang Peng, you truly have a rare talent for managing a nation.

I’m humbled.

Wow, that must be very painful.

Of course. He used to live in that palace, along with his relatives. And now the enemy who killed his father was in front of him. But he had no opportunity for revenge. Eventually, however, the chance arrived.

Too bad, it ran away again. Your Majesty, let’s chase after it.

Zhang Peng, let’s stop. We’ve chased it for so long, and I feel so tired.

Your Majesty, there is a rock ahead of us. Why not sit down and have a rest?

Okay, let’s go!

Please have a rest on the rock.

Okay. I’ll rest for a while. Where are the other people?

Your Majesty, you are too strong and fast. They couldn’t catch up with you.

Alright. Then I will take a rest.

Yes, Your Majesty, please have a good rest. Hmph! Today will be the day to revenge my father. I will make you lie down forever.

“No, son, you should learn the compassion and mercy of Buddha.” “Overcome your hatred with love. Do not commit any violent act.”

No! No!

Your Majesty!

Zhang Peng!

Your Majesty, what happened?

I…. I just dreamed that somebody wanted to kill me.

It’s okay. Your Majesty, you are very safe. Maybe you are too tired.


Please continue with your nap.

Yes, with your presence, I have no worries.

You’ll be fine.

Okay, I’ll continue with my nap.

O Lord! He trusts me so much, but I was going to kill him… How can I have the heart to do it? No, this is a good chance. Kill him! Kill him! Okay, you murderer! Don’t blame me for being heartless. After this strike, we’ll be even.

“My son, don’t use violence; learn compassion from the Buddha. Use love to cleanse hatred.”

No! No! Zhang Peng, I dreamt that the prince of Kingdom of Longevity wanted to kill me to revenge his father! But then he changed his mind… Zhang Peng, what’s wrong with you?

Your Majesty! Please punish me for my sin. The truth is, I am the prince of the Kingdom of Longevity.

What? You… you are the prince?

Yes, I am Prince Eternity of the Kingdom of Longevity.

You are Prince Eternity? Then why didn’t you kill me?

Following my father’s compassionate example, I decided not to take revenge.

No revenge?

No more.

You won’t regret it?

No I won’t regret it.

Your Majesty, why are you laughing?

Actually, I realized a long time ago that you were different from the others.

Oh? In what respects?

Right after you entered the royal court, you worked diligently and showed proper manners. And you are very familiar with situations in the palace. So, I knew that you were different from others, and I was guarded against you. However, since you have always done a better job than others, I let my guard down. But, I was wrong. Now, go ahead and kill me.

Do not worry. I said I am not going to kill you.

You don’t hate me?

Yes, I did hate you! When my father was burned to death, I wanted to kill you. The sorrow and anger inside my heart had driven me to get near you, so I could have a chance to get revenge.

Now is the perfect time.

No, I cannot disobey my father’s last will.

What last will?

He said that we should not resolve hatred with hatred. We should learn compassion from the Buddha and forgive others.

Did he really say so?

Yes! Do you know how much I miss my father?

Eternity, actually after burning your father, I also felt very regretful. I should not have treated him so violently. It did not cost me one single soldier to occupy his kingdom and all his wealth. But instead I burned him to death. I deserve death, I truly deserve death…

Your Majesty!

I was wrong! I was so wrong! How could I kill such a wise king? Heaven, please forgive me for my stupidity and incompetence! I’ve committed great sins.

Your Majesty, please don’t say this.

Eternity, I’m sorry. Go ahead! Kill me and avenge your father!

Your Majesty, I have forgiven you already!

Eternity, you came to me with hatred, but have repaid me with love. I didn’t realize until today that love is truly the noblest quality. Today I finally understand the greatness of benevolence.

Your Majesty!

I am here.

Your Majesty, you are here!

You finally caught up. Okay, let’s go back.

Greetings to Your Majesty!

Arise! My beloved ministers, after we took over the Kingdom of Longevity, I had ordered you to search for King Longevity and Prince Eternity in order to eradicate future troubles. Do you remember that?

Your Majesty. Yes we remember. At that time, a woodcutter turned King Longevity in for the reward. King Longevity did not resist at all even before his execution. His behavior was different from normal people, and it was difficult for me to understand.

Your Majesty, we still don’t know the whereabouts of Prince Eternity.

Your Majesty, please rest assured. I will find him and kill him so that we can eliminate future troubles.

Wait! I don’t want to kill him anymore.


I was lost in the forest yesterday while we were hunting, and I came across the long-missing Prince Eternity.

Prince Eternity?

Did the audacious prince do anything disrespectful to Your Majesty?

You worry too much. He did not show any disrespect to me. Instead, he forgave my sin of killing his father. His leniency made me feel deeply ashamed for the violence I had committed.

Is that so?

In order to eradicate future trouble, I killed the benevolent and virtuous King Longevity. He not only accepted his fate without resistance, but also told the prince to overcome hatred with love and not to revenge for him. All these years, even though I enjoyed glory and wealth, I have been plagued by my conscience.

And I haven’t had a single good-night’s sleep – until yesterday, when Prince Eternity liberated me from the deep abyss of guilt with his boundless love. Only then was I completely awakened. I realized that wars and hatred are sinful. Only love is the only treasure. My beloved ministers, this is the person who saved me, Prince Eternity.

Prince Eternity? It’s him? How come we didn’t know?

My dear ministers, I have decided to return the Kingdom of Longevity to Prince Eternity.

Your Majesty!

Please think it over.

I believe that his wisdom and compassion will surely bring limitless happiness and peace for his subjects.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

After I return to Wei Mu, I will also reign my country with love and let the people therein live a happy life. Eternity!

Your Majesty.

Now I am returning the Kingdom of Longevity to you.

This…Your Majesty!

Come here.

This… Your Majesty!

Sit down. Come…

Your Majesty…

Please sit down.

Your Majesty.

Take your throne.


Long live King Eternity!

Wow, Prince Eternity finally became the King.

Thank Heavens!

Yes, he did not seek revenge. Instead, he touched the King of Wei Mu with the compassion of a Buddha. In the end, the King of Wei Mu returned the kingdom to him and said that he would also treat his people with compassion.

That is wonderful!

After Prince Eternity took back the kingdom, he reigned his nation with boundless wisdom and compassion. His subjects lived happy and peaceful lives. The whole nation praised him and loved him.

King Eternity was truly a benevolent and wise king. If King Longevity saw his achievements today, he would be very pleased.

This story is so touching.

Yes. Although King Longevity had passed away, he still looked after everything with his invisible presence.


This is the dragon jade pendant.

Grandpa, didn’t you say that King Longevity gave the jade pendant to the guard?


Strange, how come you have it?

Were you the guard? Grandpa?

And this pendant looks just like the Dragon totem on Granduncle Long’s tomb stone.

All these stories have long passed. Let’s set the bunny free.


It is late now. You’d better go home.


Let’s go.

This concludes our four-part spiritual drama series “Love & Enmity,” performed by our Association members from Taoyuan, Formosa, and adapted from a Buddhist story as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai. During the August 2010 teleconference in the United States, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of the story to emphasize why war is never justified.

Because the leaders, if they are so attached to their position and their opinion, and they cause suffering to anybody of any kind, then their bad karma (retribution) is too heavy, too heavy. I mean, even if you gain the whole kingdom, even if you are king of the biggest nation, how long can you keep it?

But the bad karma (retribution) will be with you forever. And when you die, my God, nobody there will help you, except your terrible retributions are waiting for you. The leaders, if they realize that, they would never raise a finger against any neighbor country.

Even the enemy country, they will find a way to negotiate, to dialog so that things will become ironed out and better and peaceful for both countries, because war will always cost lives – lives of the people, the elderly, the innocent, the women, not just the men.

War is never good, never justified.

Thank you for watching today’s Enlightening Entertainment. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom, coming up next after Noteworthy News. May all our hearts be blessed with nobility and forgiveness.
HOST: Greetings noble viewers, and welcome to Enlightening Entertainment. Love is one of the core values in all religions. However, it is not always easy to put it into practice, especially when we encounter seemingly unjust situations.

Today, we are going to present part 1 of a 4-part series, titled “Love & Enmity,” which explores the universal themes of love, loss, anger and forgiveness. This drama, performed by our Association members from Taoyuan, Formosa (Taiwan), was adapted from the Buddhist story as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai.
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