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      12 Dec 2011
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 Russia, Cuba Promote Research, Academic Exchange
In education news, Russia and Cuba enhance academic and research cooperation. Delegates from Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia announced during their visit to Havana, Cuba the establishment of the José Martí Studies Department in Moscow. José Martí is considered a national hero in Cuba. The group also opened a Lomonosov Department at the University of Havana to encourage exchanges among science professionals, reports Prensa Latina. Our accolades and appreciation, Russia and Cuba, for your steps in strengthening the amicable relations between your nations. May joint efforts by countries lead to deeper friendships and understanding among cherished citizens.
 Major Chinese dialect to be saved in database
In cultural news, China takes measures to preserve an ancient dialect. According to Xinhua News Agency, Wu-Chinese, prized for its tender musical intonation, is to be saved in a vocal database. Fluent speakers will record words and phrases in the dialect, which was once used to perform poems in the ancient Chinese traditional manner. The project, which is expected to be completed in three years, was inaugurated by Zhejiang Archives Bureau. Since 2008, examples of proficient speakers in many languages and dialects have been recorded from China’s southeastern Jiangsu and Yunnan Provinces. Kudos, the Zhejiang Archives Bureau, and all those working to preserve the rich linguistic diversity of the Chinese people. May each marvelous and unique heritage flourish in a loving and kind world.
 Flash floods kill 15 leave further thousands homeless
FN… Fatal flash floods hit Kenya. As of Wednesday, December 7, the Kenya Red Cross Society reported that at least 15 people had lost their lives and over 75,500 others, their homes, as rains and flash floods inundated the East African nation. Following one of the worst droughts in decades, the rains were initially welcomed until they became torrents that caused rivers to overflow. In the worst-affected western parts of the nation, bridges have been washed away and a number of roads rendered impassable, hampering efforts to reach the displaced. The Kenyan government has stated that extensive infrastructure repairs will be necessary, and that many of the affected are meanwhile in need of food, and other supplies such as mosquito nets, tents, and medicine.

Conveying all her love and prayers, Supreme Master Ching Hai requested that our nearby Association members please consult with local officials on any necessary assistance, and to go if possible to comfort the most desperate as she added that funds for urgent aid are available.

Our appreciation, Kenya Red Cross Society, officials, and personnel working to assist the flood-stricken people, as we also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her wholehearted concern. May such severe conditions be soon alleviated with our gentler regard of the ecosphere as a vegan world.
 Argentine President Cristina Fernandez sworn in to 2nd term; 1st woman re-elected in region
FN… Argentine President Fernández inaugurated for a second term. As the first woman in Latin America to enjoy re-election, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina was sworn into office on Saturday, December 10 in the capital Buenos Aires. Known for her social advocacy, the president's first term saw steady economic growth across the nation as well as a significant drop in unemployment rate and subsidies given to less fortunate families that helped keep their children in school. In her inaugural address on Saturday, the president promised to work for an even more just, equal and supportive Argentina.

Our respectful accolades, President Fernández, on your renewed post. May Heaven grace your continued leadership with wisdom and compassion for the highest peace and prosperity of your nation and all fellow citizens.
 Abducted US teenager Kevin Lunsmann 'free' in Philippines
FN… US teen free in the Philippines. On Saturday, December 10, 14-year-old Kevin Lunsmann was confirmed by Philippine military officials to be in good health after he had walked two days without shoes in an escape to freedom. The youth, his mother Gerfa and cousin Romnick Jakaria all went missing five months ago in July while vacationing together, with his mother being freed in October and cousin Romnick escaping in November.

We are joyful to know of brave young Kevin's restored freedom. Wishing he, his mother and cousin all many happy reunions with loved ones.
 Ceremonies in Norway and Sweden honor 2011 Nobel laureates
FN… Ceremonies in Norway and Sweden honor 2011 Nobel laureates. On Saturday, December 10 in Oslo, Norway, three women were presented with the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize: courageous pro-democracy activist Tawakkul Karman of Yemen, Her Excellency, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, and fellow Liberian peace advocate, Leymah Gbowee. Dedicating their award to women leading the world towards democracy for all, the three winners also called for greater efforts of harmony, justice, and gender equality. Meanwhile in Sweden, the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Economics and Literature were awarded by His Majesty Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf at the Stockholm Concert Hall.

(In English)
Correspondent (F): Hallo. The 2011 Nobel laureates in all categories have been participating in events. Supreme Master Television spoke with several of the esteemed laureates.

VOICE: This year's Nobel Prize in Physics recognized the work of three scientists: Johns Hopkins University's Dr. Adam Riess of the USA, Australian National University's Dr. Brian Schmidt, and Dr. Saul Perlmutter of the US-based University of California, Berkeley, whose combined research had surprisingly revealed the accelerating expansion of the universe.

Dr. Saul Perlmutter (PhD), Nobel laureate 2011 (Physics), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, USA (M): We, for the very first time, realized that there is this stuff in the universe that we’re calling “dark energy” that could be causing this acceleration. It could make up, oh, almost three-quarters of the universe. And to have something that is most of the universe and not having studied it before is incredible!

Dr. Adam Riess (PhD), Nobel laureate 2011 (Physics), Professor of Astronomy and Physics, Johns Hopkins University, USA (M): It may lead to whole new areas of physics. I think one of the things that defines the human experience is being curious about the world and space and our origins and our fate. Also, when we learn new laws of physics that are fundamental, we find that in a decade or two, there are technological applications in some way. And third, I think that the subject is so inspiring to kids because it’s so weird and mysterious and interesting, that it encourages them to study science and math, which are important parts of education.

VOICE: The 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature went to Sweden's Tomas Transtromer, while US Professors Thomas Sargent of New York University and Christopher Sims of Princeton University shared the Economics Prize. In Chemistry, Israeli scientist Dr. Dan Shechtman of Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel was the Nobel recipient for his discovery of quasicrystals.

Dr. Dan Shechtman (PhD), Nobel laureate 2011 (Chemistry), Professor of Materials Science, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel (M): It teaches us that, never keep a science stagnant; always be open to new discoveries. The other thing that it teaches us is that the discovery affects other fields away from the materials, fields that can be advanced, better understood, and hopefully be useful to mankind.

Correspondent (F): Reporting for Supreme Master Television from Stockholm, Sweden.

VOICE: We join the world in heartfelt congratulations, 2011 Nobel laureates! May our world be graced with the continued sharing of such beneficial and uplifting advancements as yours.
 Nissan Leaf electric wins Japan car of the year
SAVE OUR PLANET… Held during the first week of December 2011, Japan's Tokyo Motor Show recognizes motor giant Nissan with "Car of the Year Japan" award for its electric vehicle Leaf, marking the first time in history that a zero-emission vehicle has been chosen as the winner.
 Met Office warns of UK climate risks
SAVE OUR PLANET… Assessing climate change across 24 countries, the UK's Met Office Hadley Center on December 5, 2011 stated that, without exception, all have warmed overall since the 1960s, with extreme heat occurring more frequently, while very cold temperatures are being seen less often.
 Proboscis Monkeys Threatened By Ecologically Insensitive Malaysian Palm Oil Plantations
SAVE OUR PLANET… On December 5, 2011, the Sabah Wildlife Department on Malaysia's island of Borneo calls on the palm oil industry to halt deforestation near rivers to protect the water for human consumption as well as the proboscis monkey, whose populations have declined so steeply that it is now one of the world’s most endangered species.
 Venezuelan Parliament Sets Up Group of Friendship with Paraguay
As a gesture of their nations' solidarity and to further enhance diplomatic relations, Prensa Latina reports that visiting Paraguayan dignitaries and their Venezuelan counterparts at the National Assembly in Caracas formally inaugurate the Venezuela-Paraguay Parliamentary Friendship Group.
 Spanish troops to start leaving Afghanistan in January
As part of an overall plan to withdraw all troops by 2014 and with the agreement of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Spanish Defense Minister Carme Chacón announces that soldiers will begin returning home in January 2012.
 Textbooks may cover ill-effects of tobacco
The Times of India reports that a new educational program in Bihar state will provide information through school textbooks about the lethal effects of tobacco, in an effort to protect young students and keep them free of the harmful substance.
 Chinese, Icelandic leaders hail 40 years of diplomatic ties
Marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between their countries, China's Presidents Hu Jintao and Olafur Ragnar Grimsson of Iceland speak on the phone and exchange congratulatory messages.
 Director-General thanks Gabon and Timor Leste for generous donations
UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Director-General Irina Bokova expresses her gratitude to the governments of Gabon and East Timor for their donations of US$2 million and $1.5 million, respectively, that will benefit education, the environment and culture in many African countries.
 Bardot protests New Jersey bear hunt 'carnage'
Iconic French actress and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot calls on New Jersey, USA Governor Chris Christie to halt the state’s annual bear hunt, in which 592 bears were killed last year.
 Dropkicks and Tofu: The Life of Bryan
Despite being ill as a child, superstar athlete Daniel Bryan says that since going vegan in 2009, he has never felt better and is now enjoying peak strength in his World Wrestling Entertainment career.
 UN Approves Nine Resolutions on Palestine
The United Nations General Assembly passes nine resolutions regarding Palestine that receive near-unanimous approval, covering a range of issues that relate to promoting the rights and well-being of the Palestinian people.

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