Concern rises over increased incidence of avian flu. - 4 Apr 2010  
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Since the start of the year, Egypt has reported 18 human cases of H5N1 bird flu, with the 6 fatalities thus far already outnumbering those from the entire year of 2009 and 2008.

The Strengthening Avian Influenza Detection and Response website reports 70 H5N1 outbreaks in birds in Egypt, 13 of which were on farms, with human illnesses also noted for their contact with infected birds.

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), five cases and two deaths have been reported since the start of 2010, which is equivalent to all the cases in 2009. The most recent fatality is 3-year-old child whose family lives near a poultry slaughterhouse. Moreover, the virus has been found to be mutating, with 7 new strains identified that are also medication-resistant and potentially lethal.

The risk of recurrence and infection is high, with the bird flu virus already claiming half the lives of all humans who are infected. Meanwhile, Indonesia has also reported a fatality this year, while the World Health Organization states that poultry or wild bird flocks in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Israel, Myanmar, and Nepal have also been infected.  Our prayers for those afflicted by the H5N1 bird flu as we send our sympathies to the families who have suffered loss.

May our world soon be free of the suffering from such animal-borne diseases as people worldwide turn to the life-sparing and compassionate vegan fare.

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