Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Live a Life of Conscience and Love    قسمت ۴
یک زندگی آگاهانه و محبت آمیز داشته باشید - قسمت ۱ از ۴ ، گزیده هایی از سخنرانی های استاد اعظم چینگ های  قسمت ۴
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There is a difference between cutting a piece of your hair than cutting a piece of your finger, you see? So, killing animals is like cutting your fingers. Killing plants or cutting plants, for the sake… of,“well, we have to eat something to survive”, is just like cutting your hair, see what I mean? So, this we can afford to sacrifice.


You eat anything that is offered to you in the vegetable market and eat different food every day. And also remember, God’s blessing in the food is even as important as the quantity that you take. Because some people eat a lot that they also don’t feel well, and they eat a lot of protein, and they also don’t feel any better than those who eat simple and just eat anything that appears on the table. We

eat in faith. The Bible says all things are pure. And those who eat with faith are eating the pure things. Those who eat without faith are eating impure things. Something like that. So before we eat, we should pray to God, or whomever is the Master that we follow or we believe, to bless our food, and then it will be nutritious, it will be vibrant with spirit and blessing. And that will be healthy to our

speech, our mind, our body. We eat not only to sustain the body, to sustain the spirit as well.


Is this great change happening on Earth because the Earth is being uplifted to a higher consciousness? And what will happen after this process is done? Will this great change on Earth bring every living being on Earth into unity? The cleansing effect is very unpleasant to bear. But if people realize this is just a warning, and change to a better, nobler lifestyle in love and peace, then all living on

Earth will be in unity. And let’s pray that this happens very soon. We need it. We need a change in humans’ consciousness. We need peace and love on this planet, for a change.


At this time, the test is more strict. Therefore, for those people whose spiritual practice is not good enough or whose concept is not correct, they would fail the test. For example, sometimes, because they are at a low level, they are hard to satisfy, refuse to do good things or keep finding faults,.Just that some people choose, decide, to develop it, to go with it, to express it all out. Some people, somehow, choose not to, for protecting themselves because they think that it’s better for their survival, if they push somebody else down, and step on him to go up higher, that will be better for them. But whatever is better in this life is only ephemeral, temporary, anyway. So, we always have to choose the way of Heaven, the way of love. That’s the only choice we should make, even if it costs our lives.


Sadly, many of us have always tried to grasp everything for ourselves in every circumstance. Even in spiritual practice we still cannot stop being greedy and selfish to try to snatch spiritual blessing at the expense of others. It's even graver than trying to snatch property, or possessions from other beings in the mundane world because we are already on the spiritual path. Whatever we take, we must earn ourselves.


This is the point. Even if there is an external force, we should still rely on ourselves. Others can only help us for a while. If we don’t change our hearts, our bad karma won’t change and our morality won’t improve. I want the sentient beings to change their own conscience. If this Earth perishes, there are other planets. If people don’t have a conscience, no matter where they go, they still don’t have it.

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