Heart surgeon calls for ban on butter. - 23 Jan 2010  
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In the interest of minimizing heart disease and surgery through preventative health, Dr. Shyam Kolvekar of University College London Hospitals in the United Kingdom is advocating he elimination of butter from the diet.
Saying that such a move would save thousands of lives, Dr. Kolvekar advises avoidance of the saturated fat found in butter and meats, with a switch instead to such alternatives as plant-based olive and sunflower oils.

In making his appeal for better nutrition, Dr. Kolvekar stated that he now regularly performs heart surgery on people around age 30 whereas such invasive procedures used to be reserved for people more of retirement age.

Our sincere thanks, Dr. Kolvekar for your noble leadership in recommending avoidance of animal fats like butter. May families everywhere flourish in vibrant health through their adoption of wholesome plant-based foods.


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