Conferência sobre Mudança Climática com a Suprema Mestra Ching Hai
Videoconferência com a Suprema Mestra Ching Hai sobre Aquecimento Global - Conferência Internacional SOS - Parte 1/6 27 de janeiro de 2009 - Mongólia (em Inglês e Mongol)   
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Mongolia,the Land of Blue Skies,conveys a mystique that lies in the nation’s vast wilderness and strong spirit that still grace her people today. It is a country of diverse landscape and climates,ranging from perpetual snow-tipped mountaintops to life-sustaining grasslands and the famous,arid Gobi desert.Since ancient times,the nomadic way of life that is in harmony with nature has been carried on through the generations.

The beautiful Mongolian customs,culture and traditional art originating from the varied ethnicities are treasured as national legacies. In recent decades,this nation,home to approximately 2.5 million Mongolian people along with numerous species of unique flora and fauna,has become threatened by the effects of climate change,as evidenced by desertification,droughts and extreme weather conditions.

Concerned aboutthe state of the planet,members of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association in Mongolia organized the 『Global Warming – SOS International Conference on Urgent Problems of Climate Change』 event,which took place at the Central Palace of Culture in Ulaanbaatar,the country’s capital on Tuesday.

Held on January 27,over 1000 guests attended,including hundreds of dignitaries and various organization leaders. Among the VIPs who attended were Mongolian Parliament Member Mr. B. Batbayar; former Mongolian Prime Minister Sodnom Dumaa; former Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Governor of Ulaanbaatar Mr. Ganbold Davaadorj; Dr. Enkhtuvshin Batbold,Vice President of the Academy of Sciences;
Mr. Tsedendambaa Samdan,Religious and Church Affairs Advisor to the President of Mongolia; and Mr. Od Och,Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister of Mongolia.

Invited as Guest of Honor,Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously attended via live videoconference to answer questions from the audience. In light of the scientific evidence stressing the grave state of our planet caused by climate change and the urgent need for immediate action,Supreme Master Ching Hai affirms the important message she has been delivering for over the past two decades: we must be vegetarian,meaning
an animal-free diet,and we must practice sustainable living.

One of the conference’s highlights was a special message from Mongolian President Nambaryn Enkhbayar.
As the President was on an overseas trip at the time,his letter was delivered to the audience by his advisor Mr. Tsedendambaa Samdan.

The event was covered by 22 media groups,including major newspapers 『Unen,』 『Zuunii medee,』 Mongolian National Radio and FM105.5,and national television channels TV9,Mongolian National Broadcasting’s MM agency,and Eagle TV. Radio station FM105.5,TV9,along with Supreme Master Television,broadcast the conference live for its audiences.

Following the global warming conference was a ceremony celebrating the release of the new Mongolian and Russian editions of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s 『The Birds in My Life,』 a #1 international bestselling book. Afterward,a grand musical concert was held as a dedication to Mother Earth,with Supreme Master Ching Hai as the special honored guest.We now invite you to join us for the rebroadcast of the 『Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai: Global Warming – SOS International Conference on Urgent Problems of Climate Change,』 held on January 27,2009 in Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia.

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