Tecnologia da Era Dourada
Combustível de oxi-hidrogênio (HHO): uma introdução para preparar em casa   
Halo kind viewers and welcome to Golden Age Technology.

Today we are glad to present an informative do-it-yourself demonstration. With the help of Mr. Peter Wood,
an everyday handyman and sustainable energy enthusiast from Austria, we will learn how to produce the clean and green oxyhydrogen or HHO gas, using equipment that is easily obtainable by most people.
Oxyhydrogen gas is a wonderfully versatile and efficient gas.

It is also environmentally friendly, creating only water vapor as a by-product and no greenhouse gas emissions.

It is produced by running an electrical charge through water via a dry cell electrolyzer. The electricity splits the water into its two gases, hydrogen and oxygen. The result is a gas that can be created on demand.

Oxyhydrogen gas is non-toxic, which makes it safe to use for industrial operations. It can burn at very high temperatures, and even adjusts its temperature depending on the material it is in contact with. In the air it can burn at around 230 degrees Celsius, yet when it is in contact with a strong metal it can cut through it at a temperature of over 6000 degrees Celsius.

HHO gas has become a popular for use with industrial welding and cutting equipment.Peter Wood will now show us the dry cell electrolyzer he has built.

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