Joakin Bello’s Heart-to-Heart Connection with the Animals (In Spanish)   
Joakin Bello’s Heart-to-Heart Connection with the Animals (In Spanish)  
Welcome beloved viewers to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants where today we take you to the splendid South American nation of Chile.

Located in northern Chile, the Elqui Valley features many beautiful communities and is famed for its year-round sunny days.

One wonderful town near the upper portion of the Elqui River is Vicuña, the birthplace of poet Gabriela Mistral,
a Nobel Prize laureate in literature in 1945.

Vicuña is also the home of an internationally-known musical maestro Joakin Bello, who is a composer, and multi-instrumentalist.

An ethnic music researcher once referred to him as “a prodigy who joins the force of the rhythm of South America with the depth of Europe.”

During our Supreme Master Television correspondent’s visit to Mr. Bello’s charming, paradise-like residence, Joakin Bello discussed his relationship with his lovely dog companion Tala and how he discovered the ability to communicate with animals on a heart-to-heart level.

Joakin Bello: Well, my dog has been with me for about five years, since she was small from three months old. She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and she takes on the role of guardian and of a door bell, because she tells me when people are coming; and she is a companion.

She is a very nice companion because sometimes in the afternoons when I go out onto the patio, we communicate a bit by me giving her food and in the midst of such a calm living being you notice a lot and you can see her, obviously.

And now that she is going to be a mom we will have two or three more dogs.

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