PLANETA TERRA: Nosso Amado Lar
Greenpeace Brasil – A Importância da Preservação Oceânica (em português)   

HOST: Hallo, eco-conscious friends, and welcome to Planet Earth: Our Loving Home featuring Greenpeace Brazil, a branch of the global, non-profit conservation group Greenpeace, which seeks green solutions to environmental issues around the world.

The global ocean ecosystem is now under unprecedented threat. Recent research led by Dr. Boris Worm of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, indicates that up to half of ocean species have disappeared due to overfishing. At the same time, environmental pollution and global warming are also causing enormous damage to ocean species, leading to large-scale coral bleaching and rapid increase of oceanic dead zones.

According to a recent study by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA there were more than 400 known dead zones in coastal waters worldwide in 2008, with only 49 such zones in the 1960s.

For decades Greenpeace has promoted public awareness about safeguarding our oceans and precious marine species such as whales through a variety of avenues including film.

On today’s program we kindly invite you to view excerpts from a documentary about the state of the oceans near Brazil entitled 『Is the Sea Ours?』 produced by Greenpeace Brazil.

For more about Greenpeace Brazil please visit

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