Cientistas sobre Mudança Climática
PLANETA TERRA: NOSSO AMADO LAR Professor Barry Brook sobre a Crise da Mudança Climática   
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Hallo, nature-loving friends and welcome to Planet Earth: Our Loving Home. On today’s episode, we will meet Australian scientist Professor Barry Brook who will discuss our planet’s global warming crisis and possible solutions.

Professor Brook holds the Sir Hubert Wilkins Chair of Climate Change and is the Environment Institute’s Director of Climate Research at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

He has published two books, 『Southeast Asian Biodiversity in Crisis』 and 『Tropical Conservation Biology,』 and over 150 scientific papers in his field. He has also been conferred with multiple honors.
In 2006, the Australian Academy of Science gave him the Fenner Medal which recognizes the top Australian scientists under 40 for their work in biology.

In 2007, he was presented the H.G. Andrewartha Medal by the Royal Society of South Australia for outstanding research in any discipline by an Australian scientist under 40.

He was also given the Cosmos Bright Sparks Award in 2007 which recognizes the top 10 young scientists in Australia. Now Professor Brook shares some of his deep knowledge regarding the amount of ice on our planet and its relation to climate change.

For more information on Professor Barry Brook, please visit 『Tropical Conservation Biology』 is available at 『Southeast Asian Biodiversity in Crisis』 is available at

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