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“Meat strike” by French VIPs during Copenhagen summit.
Starting just ahead of the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, ten distinguished personages from France have issued a declaration titled “The Call of the 10.” The members include French film director Jean-Paul Jaud, distinguished journalists, respected environmental organization heads, and three Members of
the European Parliament. 

Their document demands recognition of the impacts of meat on the environment, human health, and animal suffering. Specifically, the public is being invited to boycott the meat industry, and to press for a moratorium on intensive livestock farms as well as strong policy measures to reduce animal agriculture.

The declaration states that rising levels of meat consumption are causing global warming, resource waste, pollution, deforestation, soil degradation, hunger of over one billion human beings and the slaughter of billions of land and aquatic animals.

Supreme Master Television spoke with leading activist Fabrice Nicolino, French journalist and author of the book, “Bidoche, the Meat Industry Threatens the World.” “Bidoche” refers to a cheap form of meat.

Fabrice Nicolino – French journalist, author of “Bidoche, the Meat Industry Threatens the World” (M): I am looking forward to the governments, and political leaders talking about this issue, as well as the NGOs and individuals, to finally open this debate, which is an essential discussion that concerns us all.
We must stand up; we must have the courage to say that these threats are so important, so disturbing, that it is time to react in a clear, decisive and determined way. I think that if a new consumer movement comes to life, and if this movement has as a priority to make the livestock industry disappear, then maybe we will have a chance to stop this infernal machine …before everything explodes.

VOICE: We are grateful, Mr. Nicolino and all government and civil leaders for your urgent clarion call to eliminate the unsustainable meat habit. May world citizens and leaders everywhere act swiftly for a healthy, green, survived planet. Supreme Master Ching Hai has reiterated on many occasions that indeed, only an immediate halt to animal agriculture could ensure a stable planetary future, as during the following September 2009 videoconference with various experts in South Korea.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: As for what I wish the Copenhagen conference to accomplish, I wish what you wish. I wish what everyone who cares about the planet wishes – that all the leaders come together for the highest benefit to all humanity and animals, and the environment. To be honest,as the plans are going right now, we can’t save the planet, I am so sorry. Not in time, not in time. It will be too late the way we are doing now. So we have to be veg first.

We cut down the number one cause of global warming. We have to eliminate animal products because we want to save the planet. And if it goes like this, we will have a saved world in no time. No animal products means having the planet.  

Governments encouraged to subsidize eco-friendly farmers.
Commissioned by the UK-based Country Land and Business Association and the European Landowners organization, a report just published by the Rural Investment Support for Europe calls for governments to sponsor environmentally sound practices, including growing more vegetables and raising less livestock.
Highlighting the environmental harm of methane emissions from western diets high in meat, the report states that financing of farmed animals should be replaced by subsidies for good eco-practices.

Country Land and Business Association President William Worsley said that the report formed the basis for a promising future of environmentally friendly farming in Europe.

Many thanks, Rural Investment Support for Europe, Country Land and Business Association and European Landowners Organization for this humane, Earth-supporting model for agriculture. May all of Europe and indeed the world continue in the direction of greener animal-free farming for true sustainability.

Copenhagen Diagnosis Report reveals dire planetary state.

Released this past week just ahead of the Copenhagen climate conference, the report is authored by a group of 26 climate scientists, including 14 members of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Their prognosis is that climate destabilization is much worse and precipitously more rapid than previously thought.
The scientists observe that greenhouse gas emissions are still skyrocketing even as Arctic sea is melting 40% faster than had been forecast,and sea levels are already rising 80% more than previously predicted.

The scientists say that without a significant change in course, the planet is set to warm 7 degrees Celsius by 2100. Eminent scientists, we appreciate this important message to the international community.

Let us all take steps now to stabilize the ecosphere during this precious window of opportunity that is still available to us.Ever-concerned for our global welfare, Supreme Master Ching Hai has frequently called for the swiftest actions to reverse climate change, as during an October 2008 videoconference in Thailand.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We must let people know it’s urgent now and it’s time to stop global crisis. Time is short and we must all act as one to save our world from disappearing, to save our lives, and all the lives on the planet. Everything else takes too long.

So the fastest and easiest way is to stop animal products and to stop consumption of it. The result will be almost immediate, within a few weeks. It’s just the meat industry that causes the most pollution for the planet, that the planet is overloaded, nature is overloaded, the ocean is overloaded. So everything warms up because of meat and animal products.

If we change into vegan diet, this planet will become a paradise, will be plentiful, will be peaceful, will be very happy for everybody to live on.

Extra News

Speaking on a televised question-and-answer session, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin encourages fellow citizens toward protection of the region’s endangered species, while revealing his own active efforts to do the same.

Environmentalists report that the number of migratory birds arriving in northern Bangladesh has declined rapidly due to increased temperatures in the Himalayan and Siberian regions, causing the area’s biodiversity to be threatened along with the loss of their beauty and songs.

US scientists identify a distant relative of mammals, the Kombuisia antarctica, that survived the mass extinction 252 million years ago by taking refuge in the then-cooler climate of Antarctica.

Responding to the call for an international US$10 billion annual fund to assist developing countries in coping with the effects of global warming, US White House spokesman Robert Gibbs states that the United States is ready to commit to contributing a fair share.
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