Salute to Sled Dogs:“Balto,” “Snow Dogs,” and “Iron Will”   

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 CINEMA SCENE Canine Comedies: “The Ugly Dachshund,” “Firehouse Dog” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”
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 CINEMA SCENE Treasured Classics: “It Happened One Night,” “The Quiet Man” and “Oklahoma!”
 CINEMA SCENE South African Films: "Faith Like Potatoes," "White Lion" and "Life, Above All" (In Zulu)
 CINEMA SCENE Russian Documentaries: “UFOs in Russia: The Most Convincing Evidence,” “UFO: Going Underwater” & “Encounters with UFOs” (In Russian)
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 CINEMA SCENE Cinematic Ode to a Superhero: “Superman: The Movie,” “Superman II” and “Superman Returns”
 CINEMA SCENE Encouraging Costa Rican Films: “With Closed Eyes,” “The Return,” and “Cold Water of the Sea” (In Spanish)
 CINEMA SCENE A Salute to Teachers: “To Sir, with Love,” “Music of the Heart” and “Lean on Me”
 CINEMA SCENE Pursuing Dreams in Swiss Films: “Vitus,” “Sternenberg” and “Late Bloomers” (In Swiss German)