In bustling New York City, actor Chad Lindsey was on his way to an audition. He was waiting for
a subway train, when he and the other waiting passengers saw a man
fall onto the train tracks, unconscious. Without hesitation, Chad jumped
onto the tracks just as a train was arriving. He saved the man’s life and henceforth
became known by many inspired people as “the Subway Hero.”

Chad (m): 
I was just sort of waiting for the train like you do all the time, and I saw a guy stumble toward the edge of the tracks, and fall in. And it was one of those like slow motion moments where you're like... “Okay, that just happened.” Everyone was, you know, equally I think just sort of shocked that they were looking at somebody on the train track.  And I jumped down and tried to rouse this guy
who really was just lying there. And then I realized he was bleeding, and pretty much unconscious. 
I saw the train coming.  I put his body up on, as much as I could, up onto the train platform, and two guys sort of helped me.  So they sort of helped me drag him out, and then, and then I just jumped out.