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Music on a Mission: Truth on Earth   

Meet Serena, Kiley, and Tess. They are sisters aged 20, 18, and 16. Together, they make up the vegan band “Truth on Earth,” and dedicate their gifted abilities to their staunch activism and humanitarianism.

Serena(f): This is my bed with my two lovely sisters sitting on it casually. Tess, Serena,
Kiley(f):Hi, we’re “Truth on Earth.”
Be Veg, Go Green, Save the Planet.

HOST: Halo courageous viewers, and welcome to Vegetarian Elite! On today’s episode, we will get to know the charming members and family of “Truth on Earth.”

Serena(f): Gandhi, he’s one of our heroes, and he proved that peace could best be achieved through truth and non-violent protest. And that’s one of the reason we formed Truth on Earth, because we really want to make a huge difference in the world and bring more awareness to the problems and solutions to make it a better place for future generations. 

Kiley(f): And that’s why we give 70% of our profits to organizations supporting the causes we sing about.

Supreme Master TV(f): What kind of issues do you guys sing about? 

Tess(f): We sing about substance abuse, cyber bullying, factory farming, slaughterhouses, animal abuse, all this stuff, child abuse.

Kiley(f): Homelessness,

Serena(f): depression,

Kiley(f): the environment. 

HOST: By helping to raise awareness through their powerful lyrics, the band aspires to soon usher an era when everyone becomes part of the solutions.

Kiley(f): We get inspired by knowing what is really happening and we feel that there’s no time to waste.
Serena(f): We’re putting it out there and saying what’s really the truth, so people can realize what’s really going on.  

HOST:  Jamming with a 70s-style rock influence, Truth on Earth offers a fresh, empowering avenue of music appreciated by a wide range of listeners. Their artistry reaches out to young and old alike, and has received responses from everyday people to environmentalists and celebrities such as Ed Begley, Jr. and Woody Harrelson.

To learn more about Truth on Earth,
please visit:

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